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you are worth being brave with your life

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The Two Paths

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Heart-Centered Coaches

Guidance for heart-centered coaches to grow your business and master the art of coaching

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Brave Life Coaching

Journal writing and master life coaching to help positive influencers be brave with your life and business


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Welcome to my home

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Hi, I’m Andrea and I want you to know you are worth being brave with your life. 

Every life-creating choice I've ever made has come from being brave, and bravery requires trust. It continues to be my mantra, the thing I’m not doing if I'm dancing with fear, and the thing I am totally enmeshed with if I am playing big.

If you crave community, smaller spaces, rich and life-giving conversations, to be seen, to be challenged, to trust your own innate wisdom or help others to do the same, then welcome to my home.


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“Andrea is a force to be reckoned with and a brave woman who truly makes this world go round.”

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The Brave Page


The Brave Page is a monthly journal writing subscription that drops into your inbox twice per month. Grow your journal practice from the comfort of your home - just grab a cuppa & your pen!