Life Coach, Journal Teacher, and Brave Guide

 The Brave Space


6 Months of Brave & Worthy Conversations for Your Life & Your Business

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A space for the you behind your brave venture

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 The Brave Space supports my fellow heart-centered business, leadership, and life coaches, leaders, and positive influencers by helping you trust yourself and your gifts so your vision can impact the people it’s meant to.


I’ve spent more than 5,000 hours coaching people like you. You don’t need more strategies. You need to trust yourself and the things that call you.


Together you can do brave & big things


Do Brave Work & Belong to Yourself

You are worth being brave with your life but only you can define what brave means to you and how you’ll know you’re living it to the best of your ability. If you are going to be brave with your life, you will get your butt kicked. This isn’t what defines you. Belonging wholly to yourself and your life defines you.


Believe in Your Vision & Share Your Brilliance with the World

Believing in yourself is not an inflated set of optimistic beliefs. It is a daring path to uphold your deepest truths and use your life to light the path for others. Brilliance is in letting your vision be seen and utilized to guide others toward their own brilliance. Being the visionary is an awesome responsibility.


Make a Bequest of Your Life and Follow Your Bliss

You can only bring the world to life by coming to life yourself. If you could leave this planet with anything, what would it be and how would you leave it? You will have hundreds if not thousands of callings in your lifetime. What matters is if you’re paying attention or not and trust your right to say yes to every adventure.


I invite 8 people into this program at a time. Book a 90-minute conversation to see if this work is right for you.

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“I was blown away by this work. Seriously. I came in with no expectations and gained so much. A big part of it for me was spaciousness and time for integration through the guided meditations, and journal writing. I reconnected with a part of myself that was long forgotten. The power and transformation in only 3 hours was unreal. Thank you for showing up so authentically and guiding us with such grace.”

- Phoenix Rose, Web Designer & Intuitive Business Coach


 Our 6 Months Together

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What’s Included

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6 Months Together

The Brave Space is a 6-month complete process to create a path back to your true self and your most authentic work.

Two Deep Dives Each Month

We meet for a powerful deep dive twice each month. These conversations are private (1:1) and are 75-minutes each. We will have powerful conversations but this is just the start. During our time together you will also experience guided meditations, journal writing, reading, yoga, intuitive guidance, energy work, NLP, Mental Emotional Release™ Therapy, Somatic Release Technique…and more.

Heart-Centered Business Mentoring

I run a successful heart-centered business and am an open book. I will get all your questions answered so you can put even more of your life-changing work into the world.

The Brave Space Workbook

Move through the Brave Space Workbook. Between deep dives you’ll have 12 Brave Page Practices. This is journal writing like you’ve never experienced and it will carry you and your process during our time together. Your workbook is digital and can be printed at home.

Subscription to The Brave Page

Enjoy a 6-month subscription to my monthly journal membership, The Brave Page. Enjoy two new journal practices per month plus new techniques and writing meditations to deepen your writing.

Unlimited Email Support

To help you get the absolute most from our time together please email me for support, check-ins, resources, and more between sessions. I encourage my clients to take advantage of this, in fact, I urge you to so that you get the most from our live session time and can save quick questions for email. I am all ears!

Your Investment is $5,800

Take 6 months to pay at $997 per month

I invite 8 people into this program at a time. Book a 90-minute conversation to see if this work is right for you.

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“Thank you for reawakening the magic within me. The whole experience felt like a loving, slow, luxurious stretch into consciousness. Which led to safety, trust, and allowing me to show up in my beautiful truth hidden behind "acceptable" emotions since I was a child. Look out world! I am ready to take another step toward sowing up in my gypsy magic.”

- Stephanie Myer, Life & Leadership Coach

“Andrea just sees me... she is that light, that coach for me who guides me by MY heart. She has and continues to help me reveal my truest and most whole-hearted self. As a seasoned athletic performance coach, I have come to appreciate the need of the right ENVIRONMENT for the best growth for my client. Andrea provides that environment 360 degrees with support from every angle, especially, the angle of soul. She possesses a gift of emotional and spiritual presence; a power of love that I resonate within my practice and nurture through hers.”

- Brian Nguyen, Celebrity Trainer & Perform Better Speaker