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About You

About you

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My secret is this:

my clients are already doing extraordinary things.


My clients do “impossible” things:

  • Founder of an annual women’s empowerment conference with over $50,000 in annual sponsors

  • Executive coach and former executive for the largest media company in the world

  • Started the only adult summer camp for women

  • Trainer of world-class athletes, celebrities, and top-performing fitness coaches

  • Actor on a hit TV series

  • Created culinary world tours that take people to Mexico, Thailand, and more.

  • Opened a tiny house community to benefit social change

  • World-renowned portrait photographer who’s images often grace the cover of Mindful magazine

  • Top tier consultant for the 13th largest multi-level marketing company in the world

  • Speaker for the largest fitness education conference in the US

  • Sells millions annually in real estate with a team of over 35 agents

  • Founder of the second largest yoga conference on the west coast

  • Sought-out speaker and marketing officer for three of the top financial firms in the US

  • Fitness studio owner with annual revenue north of $2 million

  • Financial advisor responsible for more than $30 million in annual holdings

  • VP of merchandising at the largest fitness apparel company in the world

  • Only female managing partner and CFO for a top tier engineering firm with offices in three states

  • Founder of one of the largest coach certification programs in the US with over 8,000 certified coaches and growing

  • And more…

*Client names & companies are kept confidential unless shared in testimonials


This isn’t what makes you extraordinary.

You are extraordinary because…


You are driven by a bigger cause

I won’t merely help you be incredible - I only work with those who feel called to positively impacting the world within their reach.

You desire to be a steward of money

You want to be known more for your allocation of money than your accumulation of money.

You are the ‘the next…’

My clients know they’re destined for great things. It’s my job to prepare your mind, heart, body, and soul for the endeavor of a lifetime. What if your life’s contributions could be felt around the world? What would this worth to you?

You know this isn’t just about goal achievement

This work is about life alignment, freedom, and purpose. You must be ready to accept responsibility of the power that comes with this level of self-awareness.

You are an outlier

You see the world a lot differently and you also understand that in order to achieve your greatest visions you can’t follow the crowd.

You want to create your best life

You want to live each and every day as a contribution. Living your best life is a choice and one you choose diligently. Life is a creative act.


Are you ready to dream up, live out, and fulfill your version of the impossible?


Working with Andrea is like having my own fairy godmother. I feel heard, inspired, pushed, cajoled and always with my deepest dreams in mind.
— Sheri Fitts, Host of Women Rocking Wallstreet

Before, I’d been doing what people “told me” I should do, and sacrificing my intuitive knowing that it wasn’t right for me. I would recommend Andrea to anyone feeling lost in their work, their craft, their creative potential. I would recommend Andrea if you want to shift something deep and step into the biggest, boldest version of your greatest potential. Andrea intuitively gets the intersection of work and play. She crafts an experience that is beauty-filled, graceful and transformative. I have a much clearer path outlined ahead of me. I feel so much freedom and relief right now. I would whole-heartedly recommend Andrea to conscious entrepreneurs building business for good who are open-minded, creative, passionate, curious and seeking. Now I’m ready to shine and let my brilliance out.
— Jessica Williams, Founder of The Superwoman Summit


Are you ready to dream up, live out, and fulfill your version of the impossible?