Andrea Leda
Andrea has been called a "Life Coach Guru" and a "Force to be reckoned with and a brave woman who truly makes this world go round."

Work With Me

Work with Andrea

spiritual coaching for visionary people


My process is simple. this is about you living your magic. 

We all have a calling. Sometimes it comes through loud and clear. Other times it's merely a faint whisper, and you feel crazy for even thinking something is speaking to you. I answered my calling because I ached to return to my intuitive roots and use my gift to help people heal and radically uplevel their life. I believe when we serve others we live full out, no matter our work. 

I invite people who call themselves change leaders and visionary entrepreneurs into my work. I don't feel like I chose these groups; I feel like they chose me. Since bridging my spiritual practices and entrepreneurial coaching I've witnessed miracles. And magic is just way more fun...

I don't have coaching programs and I don't do strategy. Instead, I co-create experiences with my clients and customize the work to their needs. 


90- Minute Plant New Roots Call | $750/Session

Plant New Roots calls are one of my most popular offerings. The roots you plant are the fruits you reap. Most of us begin doing change work on the fruits – we employ new strategies for more money, happier partnerships, more successful businesses, motivation and fulfillment. But what’s possible if you dug, just a little, into your roots?

Imagine what it would it feel like to be able to totally surrender, to be able to slow down, breath, and create a life that is meaningful and deeply satisfying? Imagine if you could create a business from peace of mind and not begin with burn our or marketing strategies? Imagine totally trusting that money flows to you? This and more begins in your roots. 

During your 90-minute call, we will:

Change the story that’s keeping you stuck. Learn how the story you tell yourself shapes your reality. If your story isn’t helping you, it’s time to change your story.

Create immediate shifts in what you manifest. From the moment you plant a new story, you manifest a new fruit. See immediate changes in your life by investing in your new roots.

Align your mind, body, and spirit so you can be WHOLE. Connect to something greater than your individual self and start to use the grander picture to guide, heal, and up-level your life.

*There are four Plant New Roots Calls available per month on Tuesdays only. There is currently a 1+ month waiting list.

1-Day Deep work Immersion | Starts at $6,000

One immersive day for you to re-align, release, integrate, create, and fulfill your next purposeful steps in your already thriving business. This custom experience is an invitation into my home and into my full toolbox where you unplug from the distraction of your daily life and listen to your intuition and deeper calling. We coach, journal, release, dream, and plan.

Your custom Deep Work Immersion includes:

One prep call. We co-create your custom experience together with a 60-minute call prior to your immersion. 

One Day Private Immersion. We spend 8 purposeful hours together in my home. During your immersion we use intuition, masterful coaching, journaling, energy work, and more to up-level your business and align you perfectly with your business. *Lunch is included.

Follow-up Support. Following your immersion we meet on the phone 2-4 times to give you the full support and accountability following this radical day together.

*There is one Deep Work Immersion available per month and there is currently a waiting list.

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Higher ground - 1:1 Immersive Year | Starts at $30,000/year

A highly curated experience for visionary entrepreneurs, Higher Ground is a year dedicated to moving inner mountains so you can give the fullest expression of your work to the world. My clients call this experience "sacred", "intimate", and "elegantly created". 

If you're being called to step into some big work and are ready to leave your mark on the world, if you have vision, something greater than yourself that you feel responsible for, if you aren't looking for more planning sessions or more strategy and you're hungry for the challenge of introspective work at this level then welcome to Higher Ground.

Higher Ground includes:

60-Minute Coaching Calls. We meet 2-3 times per month via the phone for consistent growth and expansion. During your calls we use intuition, masterful coaching, journaling, energy work, and more to keep you on your path.

Breakthrough Weekend™. A 2-day weekend designed to help you breakthrough blocks, fears, and mis-alignment holding you back from radical joy and success in your life and business.

Vision Quest Retreat. A 4-day private retreat in some of the most beautiful spots in the Pacific Northwest to disconnect, retreat, and expand what's possible in your business.

VIP Invitation to Awaken Your Practice. Attend my semi-annual weekend, Awaken Your Practice, as my guest.

Full access to me. You have full access to me between calls via text or email for ongoing support and accountability.

*Andrea works with five Higher Ground clients per year. These sacred spots can book 6+ months in advance.

For the first time, I have a real sense of purpose, of direction and of seeing ‘how’ the things I’ve only daydreamed could actually happen, knowing full well that the evolution of those things can and will happen. Not in that teaching is the enlightenment, taking people into nature, but more than that, the whole package of what it means to give to people through my interactions with them be it at a show, selling a print, to having them experience with me the intimate nature I find in the woods or the fun I have developing film all the way to my love of Muir and Thoreau, Lopez and Edward Abbey. And to see money as not some mystical hinderance or block but a natural integration in all this.
— Scott Mansfield, master photographer
I would whole-heartedly recommend Andrea to conscious entrepreneurs building business for good who are open-minded, creative, passionate, curious and seeking. I would recommend Andrea to anyone feeling lost in their work, their craft, their creative potential. I would recommend Andrea if you want to shift something deep and step into the biggest, boldest version of your greatest potential. If you’re on the fence, then there is no doubt you need to do it. Hire Andrea and it will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made for yourself. Andrea intuitively gets the intersection of work and play. She crafts an experience that is beauty-filled, graceful and transformative. Not to mention, she’s a lot of fun to hang out with. My retreat was an incredible immersion into the work we’d been doing. Right before we went on retreat, there were some major shifts happening in my business and I was craving some deep dives to work through the kinks. I felt overwhelmed and confused about my path. After retreat, I felt so much more clarity and strength in my work. On retreat I had a massive breakthrough about my business and as a result, I have a much clearer path outlined ahead of me. I feel so much freedom and relief right now. That today is a brand new day! That I wanted to create from the inside out, but that I’ve been trying to build my business from the outside in. In other words, I’ve been doing what people “told me” I should do, and sacrificing my intuitive knowing that it wasn’t right for me. Now I’m ready to shine, to let my brilliance out.
— - Jessica Williams, Founder of The Superwoman Project
I can’t express to you how grateful I am for you and everything we’ve done together. I feel solid and strong moving forward with such clarity. I had such an amazing time at my Breakthrough Session and the work we did was truly life-changing. And this is only the beginning! I am so grateful we met and thank you for seeing the greatness in me. Your being on purpose allows me to also walk my path on purpose and in alignment. It is so amazing to have such a strong leader behind me and I’m so blessed that you chose to work with me!
— Lauren Marsh, Founder Healing for Eating Disorders