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I don't speak from the front of the room. I love to teach from the middle of the room. Basically, whatever mic you strap to me better travel well because I will cover a lot of terrain. I create Keynote Experiences no matter the venue. We don't want to be told what to do but we are hungry to be led toward a great life. This is what I do.

I request that your audience sit in small groups or at tables for connection and conversation. I teach with a learn one, do one, teach one method. Topics are not limited to the ideas listed. I love to co-create with my organizers. 

24/7 Love Event: What if the world were mothered well?

Keynote Experience Topics

Roots to Fruits

The Roots you plant are the fruits you reap. Most of us begin doing change work on the Fruits – we employ new strategies for more money, happier partnerships, more successful businesses, motivation and fulfillment. But what’s possible if you dug, just a little, into your roots?

Imagine what it would it feel like to be able to totally surrender, to be able to slow down, breath, and create a life that is meaningful and deeply satisfying? Imagine if you could create a business from peace of mind and not begin with burn our or marketing strategies? Imagine totally trusting that money flows to you? This all begins in your roots. 

Roots to Fruits to based on my most popular article, you can read it here.

Spirituality & Money

Money is an extension of your highest good and a simple measure of your ability to affect positive change in the world. Receiving money for anything BUT doing work that came from your highest good (ie. love and integrity) is actually devaluing you and the people you're trying to serve.

Another way to say it is this – it’s not love OR money, it’s love AND money. Money has no power outside of YOU. Being a neutral entity, money is at the whim of YOU. And if we are source energy incarnate…and if we make money….then doesn’t source through us also make or create money? And if so…doesn’t receiving abundance honor THE most creative source? And wouldn’t denying money deny that same source?

Read more about spirituality & money here.

5 Questions for a Life of Meaning & Magic

"Why am I here? Do I matter? Do you see me and hear me? What is the meaning of my life? How can I help?" I believe every human being asks these 5 questions of their life. We are all seeking something. When you stop looking to the world "out there" to grant you your answers and ask them to come from within you'll see you knew all along. You CHOOSE to matter. To be seen and heard. And to help or serve. And you can choose not to. 



Northwest Yoga Conference
Empowered - A benefit for Girls, Inc.
Integrative Wellness Academy
24/7 LOVE
Superwoman Summit
Conscious Women's Entrepreneur Meetup

It was so inspirational to hear your insights of success and abundance, thank you. I had people text me yesterday saying that they made immediate changes after your talks and that touched me. It reminded me of our vision and the higher purpose in serving one another. You are all so greatly valued and I celebrate the good work you are doing in our community.
— Lisa Powell, M.S. CAM, FDN, Complementary Alternative Medicine