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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be?
— Marianne Williamson

masterful coaching

Coaching is a way of showing up with someone and using powerful, open-ended questions to inspire new action and shift inner limits. A great question has the ability to access the unconscious self and higher realms where your stories are born and literally manifest into your reality. 

This may be the first time in your life you really meet yourself. Your whole self. This may be the first time you connect the dots or see your stories as energy meant to heal, teach, and guide you and not something designed to trap, harm, or keep you stuck. All humans struggle and hold on to their stories unnecessarily. How freeing will it be when your stories and limiting beliefs are no longer gripping you or when you are no longer gripping them?

It’s our soul’s purpose to be complete, and we incarnate to learn what we need to create wholeness. Your purpose is your gateway to do this. Your purpose will ignite a kind of passion that is immeasurable and will bring your entire life into immediate alignment and understanding. 


I am an intuitive, but the real magic is in how I choose to practice it. I am not a psychic. I cannot read palms. And I don't channel entities. (All cool stuff, just not my brand of magic.) When I work with you I get downloads that span your whole story. We use this to accelerate your goals and heal your life. I read the field of pure potential, which means no matter what I read, it is still 100% in your hands to manifest.

When I sit with you I hear about where you've been, how this has impacted you, and how it has created who you are. I also read where you want to go and the calling beckoning you forth. I don't just hear this in the words you share with me, but in the full spectrum of who you are -- your conscious self, unconscious self, and higher-self all speak to me. I feel a responsibility to share these with my clients but am not attached to being right. 

Pilgrimage with me

A pilgrims goal is transformation that requires rigorous and intentional psychological and spiritual work. To help do this I create private retreats, breakthrough sessions, and my year-long pilgrimage, Awaken Your Life. I take people to beautiful places in the Pacific Northwest -- the Oregon coast, the mountains, deep in the evergreens -- and immerse you in the work without the distractions of your daily life. Just you, nature, space to hear your own intuition, and room to let it guide you. What is really possible for your life? What is calling you? What are you ready to change? What is it time to let go of? We ask and answer these questions and more. 

Journal writing is one of my most spiritual practices. My journal was with me on the morning of my awakening and has been a part of my journey from the time I was a young girl to today. My mom gifted me my very first journal was I was 14. I still have it. And although back then it was filled with angsty teenage stuff, that space gave me a kind of refuge I still love. 

In the journal you not only remember yourself, you create yourself. Journal writing is my favorite way to connect to my intuition, to heal and process hardships, to feel heard, and to capture my dreams and goals. I use my journal to process my past, but more importantly I use my journal to paint my dreams into existence. 

Whatever you use your journal for is perfect. As a Certified Journal to the Self Instructor, I incorporate this practice with my clients, at my retreats, and create journal workbooks for my Inner Circle Members. Join below for complete access!

Journal Therapy

I felt deeply inspired to work with you because I feel we speak the “same language” and share the same vibration of consciousness in creating a reality guided by Source. I needed to be supported in my expansion & growth into a multi-faceted thought leader, entrepreneur, and visionary. I am insatiably in love with evolving and growing. I have experienced a sense of deeper grounded beingness, open possibility and inspiration for manifesting/co-creating the reality of my greatest dreams.
— Jennifer Alyse, fellow wayfinder + founder of