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The 52 Week Journal

The 52 Week Journal


The 52 Week Journal is a self-paced year in your journal for women.

Get weekly prompts, monthly themes (ie. explore your dreams, money healing, life purpose, and 9 more) plus over 18 journal techniques if the good ol’ “Dear Diary...” just isn’t working for you. You can enroll anytime starting today and it’s (wait for it...) less than $30.

In the journal you not only remember yourself, you create yourself. Journal writing is my favorite way to connect to my intuition, to heal and process hardships, to feel heard, and to capture my dreams and goals. I use my journal to process my past, but more importantly I use my journal to paint my dreams into existence. 

Journal writing is one of my most spiritual practices. My journal was with me on the morning of my awakening and has been a part of my journey from the time I was a young girl to today. My mom gifted me my very first journal was I was 14. I still have it. And although back then it was filled with angsty teenage stuff, that space gave me a kind of refuge I still love. 

52 Journal Prompts over the course of a year...

Once registered your course will drop in to your email every 7 days. Just sign up and we'll take care of the rest. Every week you'll get your journal prompts and guidance in your inbox and the whole program costs $27.

12 monthly themes sent to your inbox every 4 weeks

Month 1: Intro to Journaling & The Techniques

Month 2: Explore Your Dreams

Month 3: Trust Your Intuition

Month 4: Practice Self-Acceptance

Month 5: Share Your Story

Month 6: Money Healing

Month 7: Purpose Path

Month 8: Navigating Forgiveness & Grief

Month 9: Significant Life Moments

Month 10: Presence of Mind

Month 11: Defining Your Best Life

Month 12: What's next?

18 new techniques throughout the year to deepen your journal practice

Stream of consciousness, Lists, Dreamscaping, Captured Moments, Life inventory, Unsent letters, Dialogues, Springboards, 5-Minute sprints, Art making, Questions, The good ol' fashioned journal prompt, and more...

52 new journal prompts sent weekly

Journal every week for 7-10 minutes. But it's so much more than just a few minutes in your journal. It's a year dedicated to learning about yourself, feeling seen and heard, and giving space to such a powerful weekly ritual.

Questions? I've got you covered!

Can I just have the whole year at once and I'll go at my own pace? 

In my experience, the excitement weens quick and suddenly the intent to journal every week just...goes away. Keep your dedication going for the whole year with bite-size bits in your inbox weekly.

Does this auto-renew in a year? 

Nope! One time fee of $27 and you're in for the full 52 weeks. Once it's done, it's done. I recommend you keep every email and save them for future use.

Is it really just $27 for the whole 52 weeks? 

Yes! Really.

What if I don't like it, can I have a refund? 

I don't offer refunds for my online programs. I try to price them in a way that makes it easy and affordable for just about anyone to try on! 

What do I need to do this course? 

A journal, a pen, and a timer.