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New Here?

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Welcome to my home, grab a cuppa and get ready to be brave with your life

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The best non-therapy therapy you’ll ever have.

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I want to know your big dreams, and will dedicate our work to removing any upper limit standing in your way

I don’t do strategy, but your business will grow

This work isn’t measured by facts and figures, but you will walk out of every conversation feeling immeasurable shifts

My coaching will meet you wholly where you are, and you will achieve what you once believed was impossible


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I enjoy space and breathing room. I crave to be home, to make tea in my kitchen, to write every morning, and to take a long walk between client deep dives.

I honor truth and truly seeing you. Through my ability to see you and my willingness to go first, I use my own wisdom and stories to help you extract your own truth.

I crave richness and depth. I crave deep work within my coaching practice. I know that I am not everyone's cup of tea — but my bravery comes from being my cup of tea.

I seek out beauty and experiences. My work should feel like I am inviting you into my home because in a way, I am.

I want you to know you are worth being brave with your life. We are conditioned to believe that all of life requires we must seek outside ourselves to fulfill what's inside ourselves — to fix what broke, be healed, find the answer, get better advice, devise a better plan — but all of this is a poor attempt to replicate the intricate dance of the interior, and trust in this space is what unleashes its potential.

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About You


The heart-centered coaches I mentor are…

Courageous not Certain

As a coach you show up openly for your clients and don’t always have the answers. You are willing, if not more than the very people you help, to go first into the unknown because you trust yourself and your abilities to navigate whatever it is you find.

Helpers not Martyrs

You see helping others as most effective when you have healthy boundaries and know yourself so well that you take care of your needs without fail. You do not martyr yourself to your clients or to the process.

Possibilitarians not Cynics

You coach because you have faith in possibility. It isn’t always the most convenient path but you know that holding the light for others mean wading through the dark. The dark doesn’t make you cynical, it gives you purpose.

The positive influencers I coach are…

Brave not Perfect

You are being brave with your life because you are open to new ideas and possibilities but you do not wait to perfect the path before you get going or take action. Your bravery is in the willingness to fail and get back up over and over.

Committed not Beholden

You are committed to yourself but not beholden to where you are today. You are a work in progress but you also love yourself fiercely for where you’ve been.

Visionary not Power-Tripping

Your goal isn't to gain power but to gain influence and contribute to the positive ripple effect and cause you feel called to dedicate your life and work to.

The Two Paths

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Heart-Centered Coaches

Guidance for heart-centered coaches to grow your business and master the art of coaching.

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Brave Life Coaching

Journal writing and master life coaching to help you be brave with your life and business


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