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Andrea has been called a "Life Coach Guru" and a "Force to be reckoned with and a brave woman who truly makes this world go round."

200-Hour Coach Training

Awaken your life 

200-hour Coach-Teacher Training

pilgrimage - Learn - Coach - Teach | Now Enrolling for 2018-19

The plain fact is that the planet does not need more successful people. But it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind. It needs people who live well in their places. It needs people of moral courage willing to join the fight to make the world habitable and humane. And these qualities have little to do with success as we have defined it.
— David W. Orr, Ecological Literacy

It's time.

You are looking for your next step and you know it is more than continued education and it's more than just personal development.

You crave a deeply immersive experience of both radical coaching, education, and small community. You want to come out the other side not only having glimpsed and moved into the person you're meant to be but also knowing who you are meant to serve and the skills to do it incredibly well. 

Awaken Your Life Pilgrimage is the only program that serves as an intensive and a certification

AYL is a 200-hour coach training for people ready to serve in a deep and impactful way. This pilgrimage is a year dedicated to walking your path and learning how to teach your path to others.

This is a master-level program. Upon completion of Awaken Your Life, you will have mastered the art of creating your best life, and you will also be fully prepared to teach and facilitate the AYL curriculum in your own work.


  • You're a coach, healer, yogi, fitness pro, consultant, artist, CEO, entrepreneur, or anyone who feels called to serve at a deep level and live authentically.
  • You're interested in more than knowledge: you're interested in a hands-on exploration of self-mastery.
  • You're ready to spend a powerful and intimate year on pilgrimage with a small cohort of like-minded people.
  • You've been in search of a certified coaching program but haven't found a program that slows the pace for learning and certification. 
  • You're intrigued by the challenge of introspective work at this level.

You will experience & learn how to facilitate:

  • A total life transformation from the inside out. Radically heal old stories and open new possibilities for yourself and those you work with.
  • Powerful communication through coaching and the art of intuitive listening, a skill that can be used in any relationship.
  • How to translate your entire pilgrimage into a teaching and leave your own mark on the world.
  • And so much a crazy amount more.

There is no one that I would rather learn from this year and I am so damn proud of myself for trusting myself and saying YES to this experience in the face of the fear and doubt and unknown.

I absolutely LOVE this work, talking about transformation, how to change and improve our lives and help others do the same. Thank you for believing in yourself enough to say YES to creating this and making it a reality. If anyone is considering joining for next year and wants to talk to someone who is currently going through it - I am more than happy to do that for you. I learned so much this week and I also had an amazing time with a community of inspiring humans.

You teach the way I learn and that is also huge for me. Sitting in hotel conference rooms and online courses I am realizing are not my jam. Sitting in a beautiful retreat house with a view of the ocean, eating amazing food, having inspired conversations, getting to dive in and ask all the questions - THAT is how I learn and I am so grateful to have a teacher who gets how people learn AND knows how to teach, guide, inspire and integrate the learning. You are so freaking good at what you do and I just wanted to say THANK YOU.
— Marli Williams, 2017-18 Cohort Student


Awaken Your LIfe curriculum

Awaken Your Life is a high-level training designed for those on the path to self-actualization. This is not for everybody, as this path requires a heightened sense of self-awareness and a willingness to invest in yourself at this level. *Read the entire curriculum by clicking the link below.


Included in the 200-hours...

'Four Ways' Model: Your curriculum navigates transformation through the four ways - Mental (Mind), Emotional (Heart), Physical (Ground), and Spiritual (Crown). 

Coaching Intensive: You aren't merely learning the work, you also embody it through intensive coaching each month and while on your retreats.

Master Coach Training: Learn the skills of an effective coach such as powerful questions, intuitive listening, human development models, setting the container, forwarding the action, and more.

Neuroscience & Human Dynamics: We are walking story-tellers and story-creators. Learn how you're wired and how you perceive and respond to the world around you. 

Transformational Facilitation: Facilitating effective change is less about advising and more guidance and creating space for change to unfold orgnically. Learn how to facilitate powerful experiences for your clients no matter if you work 1:1 or in groups. 

Self-Exploration: Use meditation, journal writing, breath work, partner coaching, and retreat space for self-inquiry and exploration. This work is opening and awareness-building.

Business Mentorship: Receive access to business mentoring throughout the year so you can confidently incorporate this work into a current practice or create a new one.

Practicum: Integrate as you go by coaching from the beginning and throughout our year together. 

> Read the full Pilgrimage Curriculum Here <



Historic Reed House
Orcas Island.png
Bend House.png


November 16-21, 2018


historic reed house


April 29-May 4, 2019

OrcAs Island, Washington

Chateau Nighthawk


SEPTEMBER 23-28, 2019

Bend, Oregon

LOne Pine Lodge


Additional Training Dates + Practicum

We meet weeks 1-3 of every month in an online classroom on Thursdays from 3-4:30 PDT

Your practicum is two-parts. Part one begins after our Opening Retreat. You'll work with a single pro-bono client for 12 months (12-24 hours total) to practice and explore this work in real time.

Part two begins 6 months into your pilgrimage and is built into your Closing Retreat. Every pilgrim will lead a 60-90 minute transformational session with your group cohort to demonstrate your understanding of the AYL material and your personal shift over the whole year.


YOUR 200-hour pilgrimage INCLUDES...

  • THREE 6-Day immersion retreats in majestic locations in the pacific Northwest with your fellow pilgrims, Including a private chef and beautiful private homes.

  • THREE 90-minute AYL Group Training Sessions per month with Andrea Leda and special guests (36 total)


  • An AYL Graduate Mentor to support you throughout the year and provide practical guidance.

  • Over 50 audio teachings that support the workbook

  • Built-in Practicum Sessions during throughout the year

  • Awaken Your Life Pilgrim Curriculum and journal workbook 

  • Online Classroom for ongoing connection and resources

  • Small community for the entire year.

  • Guest speakers and teachers who are on their own purpose path.

  • Unlimited access to me throughout the year for questions, quick coaching, and support in your process.

  • Invitation to my Awaken Your Practice weekend for soulful entrepreneurs for $297 (Normally $997)

  • 200-hour Certification as an Awaken Your Life Coach & teacher

*What’s not included: Travel to and from the retreats.

Awaken Your Life.png



Upon completion of your 200-hour training you will be an Awaken Your Life Certified Master Coach and Teacher.

*You do not have to work as a Certified AYL Coach. You may want to deepen your own practices and are here for radical personal self-development.





Since this is the first program of its kind that doubles as an intensive and certification I know you have questions! Find out more about the nitty-gritty details.

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$1,500 deposit due upon acceptance into AYL, your deposit is applied to your tuition total

Payment Options:

Option #1: 15 Installments of $997 (Due the 1st of every month, August 2018 - October 2019)

Option #2: 12 Installments of $1,250 (Due the 1st of every month, November - October)

Option #3: 4 Installments of $3,500 (Due in November, February, May, August)

Option #4: Pay in full, remainder of $13,500 and Save 12%! (Due by November 1st)


I learned that to spend an entire year on self-development and exploration is the biggest gift I can give to myself AND others. I learned that my desire and courage for knowing myself more deeply, having compassion for myself, and loving myself more is not only my personal work but it’s ALSO my teaching. It’s what I desire for everybody else too.

I wanted the opportunity to go into all these topics at a much deeper level, to do the inner work for myself, to get the support I need through it, and to be able to do this same kind of work with other people. I didn’t think I could have both the personal transformation exploration AND come away with the teachings to be able to do it with others until now. I feel like this is the best form of education anyone could ask for!
— Angie Louthan, 2017-18 Cohort Student

Go now and let your life be your greatest teaching.