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journal writing

my most sacred practice

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Journal writing is one of my most spiritual practices. My journal was with me on the morning of my awakening and has been a part of my journey from the time I was a young girl to today. My mom gifted me my very first journal was I was 14. I still have it. And although back then it was filled with angsty teenage stuff, that space gave me a kind of refuge I still love. 

In the journal you not only remember yourself, you create yourself. Journal writing is my favorite way to connect to my intuition, to heal and process hardships, to feel heard, and to capture my dreams and goals. I use my journal to process my past, but more importantly I use my journal to paint my dreams into existence. 

Whatever you use your journal for is perfect. I incorporate this practice with my clients, at my retreats, and created an entire journal workbook for Awaken Your Practice.

JOURNAL TIPs + prompts

Here are my 3 easy tips for starting and keeping a journal:

1.   Date your entries.

2.   Set a timer for 7-10 minutes if you don't know how long to write for.

3.   Don't stop writing for the whole time. Oh, and anything goes!

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Spend a long weekend dedicated to self-exploration through your journal with an intimate group of your fellow soul seekers. I only invite Inner Circle members to register for retreats; sign up below and be in the know for my next journal retreat. Own a business? (Me too!) Join me for my semi-annual Awaken Your Practice immersion. 

The coolest things have been happening in my business. A solid two weeks of massive growth and am just now having things settle. I’ve been actively preparing for this; naturally, this realization creates a sadness that’s almost like grieving. And as I’ve been growing my business and working on my own development, I’ve been feeling the layers peeling back bit by bit. With your help in figuring out what that was – giving that fear a name – it was almost like the universe was like, ‘Alright girlfriend, looks like you are ready for the next stage. Here comes more of the growth you asked for!’ Just. Wow. You have a gift and I just know that you’ll be making a difference in many people’s lives. Stay on your path, you are doing amazing things!
— Mia Bell, Founder & CEO, The Mia Bell Agency