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Andrea has been called a "Life Coach Guru" and a "Force to be reckoned with and a brave woman who truly makes this world go round."

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A Free community to Help Service-Practitioners Grow their Business with Heart

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You don't have to do this service thing alone. 


You were called to be of service, to follow your heart and help people, and to be a force for good in the world

...Now what? 

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A hub for practitioners to Grow a successful business with heart

What if we could create a collective of practitioners to support one another's gifts?

What if we could remember what great service is all about and deepen our self-awareness at the same time?

What if we could thrive in our businesses and not fret so much about how we get and keep clients? Join us!

The Practice is a free community

I get it...

When I first started my full time practice I felt lost and scared I was going to be a terrible coach, but I was also excited to finally be doing something that was meaningful to me. If you're anything like I was in the beginning, then you're wondering...

I need to spend more money on business trainings just to get my business off the ground.

I don't have a plan, I just follow the next shiny idea I have.

I don't even know how to get clients, I'm on Facebook and Instagram, what am I missing?

I feel like I work all day on my practice but only have a couple clients to show for it.

Everyone tells me I can make 6-figures but how and when? Who else is struggling with this?

I am passionate about what I do but how do I actually share what I do? 

Everyone seems to know what they're doing in business but me.

What if my clients don't get results or don't enjoy me?

Can I really charge money for this? I would happily do this for free.

Too many people are already doing what I want to do, why would someone hire me?

What if this doesn't work out, I really want to succeed at this.

There is so much business noise, which do I listen to?

I don't want to burn out on hours of work for no money.

What if my clients see right through me?

Is there even room for me in the business world? I feel so isolated in this new venture.

If you're nodding along then you are definitely in the right place


Who is the practice community for?

You want a successful business 

You want a full-time business or private practice and this is a skill not organically known. You want your hard work to pay off and to fill your practice. 

You're new to your practice

You've answered your calling and are now a service business but you're pretty new to it. You've been in business for less than 5 years.

You're a heart-driven practitioner

The Practice is for practitioners who wear their heart on their sleeve. You are heart-driven and feel called to service. 

You make less than $120,000/year

This community is full of heart-driven practitioners who are pretty new to this work. You are just getting started and haven't grown your income beyond $120,000/year yet.

Andrea, when I said shifting my payment structure had helped I meant it COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED (so far, tripled) my income. I’ve made my entire 2016 income in the first 4 months of this year. Thank you for all your gentle wake up calls to practice deeper integrity in my work and my client billing. It was really scary to transition to a different method of billing when I did it, and now I only wish I had aligned with this sooner. Thanks a million for all your help in making this happen!
— Gina Senarighi,

Let me take you back to my first year...

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I may be a 6 figure business now but it didn't start out this way.

I used to think I was just one of those business people who couldn't figure business out. Do you ever feel this way? My heart was always in the right place - service. I just wanted to help people! But when the anxiety of not getting clients, drowning in marketing strategies, and fear around money kept me from just serving I first thought I just wasn't built for this. I was wrong. 



Your intuition and call to serve make you ripe for success but most empaths are keeping their biggest treasures hidden - generosity, compassion, positivity, and hope for what's possible on our planet.

I realized that I could succeed at business but it would require going my own way. It required sharing my voice, using my story to connect, giving, and radical transparency with my clients. The more I showed my empathic gifts IN business the more my business succeeded.

I knew something had to change. Over the next four years I...

...mastered my craft. While people were studying SEO, social media tactics, sales funnels, etc. I had my nose in the "coaching/neuroscience/psychology/business/money" books, seminars, certifications, programs, and mentorships. I mastered what it means to be a great coach. 

...treat my business like a business. I have a biz bank account, a biz license, disability insurance, and pay myself actual paychecks. I don't buy my groceries with my business bank account and I pay taxes. I am a legit business.

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...quit paying for marketing and advertising. I started to MEET people. Like, talk to real people. I had over 90 in-person conversations in 90 days in 2016. I filled my week with as many conversations as I could. I didn't ask a single one of them to be a client because that wasn't the point. I merely showed up and had great convos with people. 

...wasn't afraid to give my absolute best service away, for free. Of those 1,000 coaching convos I had 180 one year alone, and they were 2-hours each. These calls changed my life and my business. 

...learned everything I could about money. All of it. I mean all of it. And that awesome Tony Robbin's book about Money that weighs 10lbs. and is 700 pages? Read it. LOVED it. I took money seminars, went to money classes, read 50+ money books, and dealt with allllllll my money baggage. And I do mean all. It is an ongoing practice and I still run into my money stuff.

This list is just a few of the things no one taught me, things I wish I'd known when I started my practice. And that it is far simpler than we make it.

Your heart is in the right place and you deserve the success you're after. Join our community and get the support you need.

The Practice is a free community

I so appreciate your foundation of generosity — building it into all you do and all the ways you show up. It is a truly inspiring model, one I wish we saw more of in the coaching industry (and hell, in all industries!). I just want to say again how motivated I am by your methods. I am learning so much from watching you lift up your community.
— Anya Hankin,

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Come be part of what is so good and right about the business world.

The Practice is a free community

Thank you so so much for your ongoing perspective, wisdom, and guidance!
— Marli Williams,