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Coaching Circle

COaching Circle

Private coaching subscription

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The coaching circle is a private coaching subscription that gives you access to life-changing conversations, as you need them.


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This was an enlightening experience. It’s not as hard as you think to make these changes. I thought I would have to overhaul my whole life to benefit from this and it really just took small changes! It does take guidance, though, you need someone on the other side to get what you say you want. I got far more than I thought I would get from this!
— Conner Sofka, Redfin Agent


Who is this for?

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My coaching circle is for my fellow life coaches and therapists, leaders and advisors, healers and helpers and I want your work to reach more people and for your gifts to get where they’re designed to go.

  1. Your past thinking is the perfect predictor for your future, unless you change your relationship to your past.

  2. You don’t react to the world around you, you create your own universe by how you interpret it.

  3. You have everything you need inside of you right now to be wildly successful.

  4. You don’t just need to be yourself, you need to wholly create yourself.

  5. Everything you envision for your life’s work is an inside job.

Go from thinking…

  • There’s already too many people doing what I want to do

  • If I’m authentically myself, no one will hire me

  • My purpose feels too big and no step feels like enough

  • People will think I’m a fraud because I don’t have it all figured out yet

  • How will my dream ever make money?

  • What if no one “gets” me?

  • What if I’m not good enough for my vision?

To feeling…

  • I trust myself to follow-through on the things I love and want to create

  • I am allowed to be myself and be loved and accepted for that self

  • I am built to play big and know I am doing all that I can every day

  • I am allowed to make enough money so that I can do all the things in addition to my work that call me

  • To share my story means I get to help even more people

  • I get to play in my own infinite potential

Thank you for reawakening the magic within me. The mentorship weekend was absolutely perfect. I love integration naps. The whole experience felt like a loving, slow, luxurious stretch into consciousness. Which led to safety, trust, and allowing me to show up in my beautiful truth hidden behind “acceptable” emotions since I was a child. Look out world! I am ready to take another step toward sowing up in my gypsy magic.
— Stephanie Myer,


What’s included:


6 months of private Coaching

Choose between 6 or 12 credits over 6 months. Each credit is a 45-minute private coaching session. We meet by phone or Zoom and all calls are recorded for your personal future use.

You have access to my whole toolbox including masterful coaching, journal therapy, hypnosis and guided visualization, somatic release technique, energy work, intuitive guidance, and business mentorship. 

Business mentoring

Although the root of our work is not focused on more strategies I run a successful business and am an open book. I LOVE helping my clients who also have a business get all their questions answered so you can put even more of your work into the world.

In addition to masterful coaching, you have access to my entire business toolbox. My job is to help you share your life-changing gifts with more people.

email Support

To help you get the absolute most from our time together please email me for support, check-ins, resources, and more between sessions. I encourage my clients to take advantage of this, in fact, I urge you to so that you get the most from our live session time and can save quick questions for email. I am all ears!


Everything I've shared only matters if you get what you come to this work for. In the end, results do matter and I take your investment in this work and in yourself to heart - this is my livelihood. Getting you where you say you want to go is the only thing that matters in the end. While you have to show up and do the work, don't' be surprised if you get for more from this experience than you imagined possible.

You are at choice

When you need your session you place yourself in a private coaching calendar built just for you. No back and forth. Your monthly fee is auto-deducted so you don't have to input your credit card each time. *Scroll down for FAQ's.

How the Coaching Circle Works

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Apply for your level


We open a limited number of spots in my Coaching Circle twice per year. Please submit your application to get in my queue for fall, 2019.

*If you have not worked with a coach before or experienced deep, transformative work than this is not the place to begin.


12 credits

2 Sessions per month


x6 months

24 credits

4 Sessions per month


x6 months

I felt a kind of deep resonance and reconnection with myself that I didn’t even realize was missing. I felt present IN myself for the first time in about a year. I don’t know if I realized how much my injury last year shocked me out of my body - I feel myself more fully in my cells now. Thank you for bringing your energy work that provided a sense of safety and reverence that felt like breathing. This has been my favorite experience of you and your work/medicine to date. Thank you, thank you.
— Michelle Hawk,
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How can I use my credits?

Use your credits as you like! Each credit is a 45-minute session. You may use them at a frequency that suits you best. One session per month? Two per week? All at once in a single-day intensive? You decide. 

How do I book my credits?

Once enrolled, you'll receive a private booking calendar for your level. Book your sessions as you desire. 

What if I don't use all of my credits?

Unused credits will expire.

When is the next coaching circle?

I open spots in my coaching circle in the spring and fall every year. The next Coaching Circle starts in September.

How does auto-deduct work?

Once you select your level and book your first session you'll be instructed to use a CC to register for your selected subscription level. You will receive 6 auto-charges on the 10th of every month starting March 10th.

Once I book my first session and pay my deposit, what happens?

Once accepted, you’ll receive a Welcome Kit from my team within 24 hours. This includes everything you need to get started - new client questionnaire, payment portal for your level, and a copy of my client disclosure agreement.

Don’t see your question?

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I was blown away by this work. Seriously. I came in with no expectations and gained so much. A big part of it for me was spaciousness and time for integration. The guided meditations, nap time, and journal writing. And working with the horses! I reconnected with a part of myself that was long forgotten. The power and transformation in only 3 hours was unreal. Thank you for showing up so authentically and guiding us with such grace.
— Phoenix Rose,


Every one deserves to know how worthy they are and that what calls them is really, really important.