Andrea Leda
Andrea has been called a "Life Coach Guru" and a "Force to be reckoned with and a brave woman who truly makes this world go round."


the Awakened Woman

Radical Coaching for women with something to say & something to give

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The awakened woman becomes the best she can be, to contribute only what she can to realizing human potential.
— Carol Peterson, Persephone Rising

Thank you for wanting to be my client. 

I invite 7 women to work with me and open enrollment twice a year.

Next enrollment opens August 2018.


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The Awakened Woman is a 6-month journey where I invite 7 women to be personally coached and mentored by me emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Together we'll navigate your inner landscape, your calling however it shows up, self-leadership, authenticity, how to translate your whole self to your business or in leadership, and more.

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My process is simple. Your results are Rooted in Really good coaching.

I am not your typical coach. I don't do strategy. While most coaches spend their time studying process and strategy I've spent my time studying people. 

I have been coaching for a long time. I have been working in self-development even longer. To date I've served 300+ individual clients and spent more than 2,000 hours in session with people. While I am a guide and help people find what it is they're looking for, ultimately I am a listener.

We'll focus on setting goals and moving you forward. But we'll also spend mindful space in your stories, habits, fears, and limiting beliefs because its here that your future is created.

If you're a woman who feels called to something bigger in her life than this is for you. It's time to invite yourself to the table because no one can take that seat for you. 

I happen to LOVE working with women who have something to say and something to give back to the world. These women are entrepreneurs, leaders, and my fellow practitioners and healers. But I don't coach your business. I coach YOU. I coach your value, your belief in yourself, and your dedication to your work no matter what that is.

I will coach you to...

...connect to your message & purpose

You have something bigger to do and say, don't you? Tucked inside of the women I work with is a message and a purpose that is tugging at her big time. I know because I am just like you. But no one prepared me that my calling was tangled up with my own story. I had to spend time excavating my truth and find a way to share that super vulnerable part of my life with others. I will help you do the same.

...own your story and maybe revise it a little

As a teacher of mine, Brené Brown, said so perfectly, "Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do." She's right. It is brave and it's also necessary. The things that happen to you have a greater purpose and when you know this you get to use it for good. yourself and believe you're worthy of what lies within you

No matter the client, no matter the day, no matter the political climate I have heard one phrase over and over and over...I. Don't. Feel. Like. Enough. The easier path would be for me to roll up my business-woman sleeves and coach your business, your practice, your idea, or whatever your thing is. But there is something bigger at stake - to feel worthy of sharing your ideas with the world and trusting that what you feel and what you know is valid and valuable. 

...lift others up around you with clear intent and easy action steps

My clients are givers. They would give their gifts away for free if they could, and many of them have. But there comes a point when you crave something more. Part of my mentoring will teach you how to package your gifts in a way that inspires others and sustains you and your energy. I will teach you how to make it easy for others to receive your gifts.

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The details

> 6-Months Together, next program begins september 1st

We work together for 6 months. This may be the first time in your life you really meet yourself. Your whole self. By far, my 1:1 coaching partnerships are my favorite part of this work. This may be the first time you connect the dots or see your stories as meant to heal, teach, and guide you and not something designed to trap, harm, or keep you stuck. How freeing will it be when your stories and limiting beliefs are no longer gripping you or when you are no longer gripping them?

> Built-in Sponsorship

By being part of this program you directly impact a woman who can't afford coaching. You are sponsoring a woman to receive mentorship and coaching with me personally. Your saying yes is a yes for someone who otherwise couldn't embark on this work. In your name, I will select one woman to be coached alongside you for 6 months and receive 6 sessions with me, pro-bono. 

> VIp Mentorship Day with Andrea

Spend a full day with me in my home. This is an intimate day of self-exploration, hands-on coaching, writing, and mentoring alongside a small group of women. *This experience is reserved for those on Path One. The VIP day is the same weekend as our mastermind listed below.

> Two-Day Mastermind Weekend, Dates TBD

Join your fellow Awakened Women at the end of your program for a two-day mastermind weekend in Portland, Oregon culminating in a celebratory 'thank you' social hour. This experience is included in the cost of the program. Join myself, guest speakers, and your sponsored client for two days of mentoring, coaching, support, and community.

> Unlimited Support

In addition to your weekly sessions, you have unlimited support via email and text. Need someone to review business materials, get feedback on your new idea, or just having a day that requires some extra love? I am here for you, just ask. 

> Affordability

Toward the end of 2017 I made a vow to make my work more accessible. I used to charge upwards of $2,500 per month to be my client. I got out of the 'high-price game' because the world feels a little uncertain right now. For many of us, 2017 was a trying and confusing year. Doing deep work like this can help us find our center amidst the uncertainty and keep us focused on how we can help ourselves and one another. This work is healing, not just for the one doing it but for everyone in your community you effect. In order to help make that happen my doors need to be more open than ever before -- I need to be more accessible than ever before. 

> Be my guest at Awaken Your Practice

Join us at Awaken Your Practice, normally $997, for the VIP price of $497. I built Awaken Your Practice for those who are just like me. It's for empath entrepreneurs and business owners who want to work from their heart center and who are ready to uplevel their business, make more money, do work that is fully aligned with their vision, and create balance in their whole life.

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Choose your path

Path two: $699/month x6 months

TWO sessions per month (12 total)
2-Day Mastermind Weekend in Portland, Oregon

Path One: $999/month x6 months

FOUR sessions per month (24 total)
VIP Day prior to our mastermind weekend at my home
2-Day Mastermind Weekend in Portland, Oregon
6 hours in sponsored coaching for a woman who can't afford coaching

if we feel you're a great fit my team will reach out to schedule a 60-minute call.

NExt program opens September 1, applications due by August 25.


stories from women like you...

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Jill Knouse, Founder of Jill Knouse Yoga and Elevate 

Her Story: "I accept myself as I am"

Here's how it works:

1.  Complete your application no later than Monday, August 27th. Due to the volume I receive, I am unable to respond immediately to everyone BUT if we feel you're a great fit my team will reach out to schedule a 60-minute call. 
2. There are 7 spots. Period. No wait list. This experience is by application only. If you hesitate then this is NOT for you.
3. This is the only way to coach 1:1 with me this year. The next Awakened Woman will begin enrolling in 2019. 
4. Make your first payment. If accepted, your non-refundable $99 deposit is due the day you enroll to hold your spot. Remaining payments are due on the 1st or 15th of the following months.

if we feel you're a great fit my team will reach out to schedule a 60-minute call.

NExt program opens September 1, applications due by August 27.'s rising time.