Andrea Leda
Change More Lives By Being Yourself

Awaken Client Criteria


Coaching Client Criteria

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Be coachable

You hire me to not buy into old beliefs, patterns, and stories keeping you where you are. Inside this work, you will remain open to my challenging any part of you that is getting in the way of what you say you want.

Pay in full

You will make your single or multiple payments fully and on time. There are no refunds or putting your agreement “on hold” during our time together.

Commit to something bigger than you

You must be working on an idea, vision, or goal that is bigger than you. I am only interested in the ripple effect. You must stay connected to this mission at all times.

Show up

You will show up in every single session fully. You will not take your sessions from the car, between meetings, or while eating your lunch. You will not cancel for non-emergency reasons. TWO late cancels will result in me asking you to leave the program.

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Admire you

I will be your greatest advocate and fiercest protector. I deeply admire your ambition and what it means for the rest of our planet.

Stay within my own capacity

I do not take on additional clients or opportunities that distract from our work. I work with only a handful of clients per year.

Not believe your fears

I will challenge, inquire, and confront when necessary. I will not please you at the cost of serving you. I will ask you to take action even before you feel “ready”.

model possibility

I will not ask you to do anything I myself am unwilling to do. The only way to demonstrate possibility, is to model it first.