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A monthly journal writing subscription that drops into your inbox twice per month. Grow your journal practice from the comfort of your home - just grab a cuppa & your pen!

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What brave story is your life writing?

You are ready to begin or deepen your journal practice.

You crave space to explore your inner-life.

You want to learn what your story has to say

You want to spend minutes each day in your journal

Welcome to The Brave Page.

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The Brave Page is $14/month after your 7 Day Free Trial. Cancel Anytime.

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Welcome to your journal practice

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Journaling is not only a passion of mine, it is a daily practice in knowing myself more honestly.

I’ve been an avid journal writer and journal keeper since 1999. My journals have journeyed across the world with me, helped me cross the scariest thresholds of my life, brought my intuition to my front door, and delivered some of my wildest dreams and goals.

In addition to my personal journal practice I am a Certified Journal to the Self® instructor from the Center for Journal Therapy. I’ve learned over the past 20 years that there is more to the journal than, “Dear Diary” and now I get to share that with you every month.

From my journal to yours,


 Grab a cuppa & your pen


The Brave Page is $14/month after your 7 Day Free Trial. Cancel Anytime.


Each month you’ll get…

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Two new Practices

Enjoy two new journal practices per month. The first and third Monday of every month we’ll drop a new journal practice into your inbox. Each practice includes a new technique, a theme, and five fresh prompts.

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10 Fresh Journal Prompts

Receive 10 new journal prompts per month. We’ll include five new prompts in each practice that relate to our chosen theme.

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A Monthly Theme

Each month we’ll focus on a theme to help you get even more from your personal journal practice.


Access to Your Story

Your story is worth writing and worth knowing.


Journal Technique Videos

Tired of, “Dear Diary”? Me too! Try on two new journal techniques every month plus short how-to videos.

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Brave Pages

Enjoy a practice I teach my immersive coaching clients. Play with powerful questions and Brave Pages in every practice.

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Journal Books

Included in your membership are digital journal workbooks you can download from the member-only home. Topics include money, purpose, being brave, and more.

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Member-Only Home

Login to your member-only home for past practices, bonus workbooks, technique videos, and more.


The Brave Page is $14/month after your 7 Day Free Trial. Cancel Anytime.

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“Whether this is the first time you write or a long-standing practice, please know that you are worth the words, the thoughts and the things that are tucked inside of you.”

- Andrea Leda, Founder of The Brave Page




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I have never kept a journal but always wanted to, is this for me?

I created this subscription for anyone who wants to keep a journal. Whether you’re a beginner or have kept a journal for most of your life, you will get something marvelous from this practice.

How do I access my monthly subscription?

Your monthly practices will be emailed to you directly. Once received, we suggest you print them out or keep them in a special folder in your email for future use.

Can I journal on the computer or my phone?

I recommend an old fashioned paper journal and pen. You will gain much more from each practice if handwritten.

What will I need to participate?

You will need a journal, a pen, and a timer.

Once I enroll, then what?

We’ll send you The Brave Page Welcome Kit to get you started. Your first practice will drop into your inbox the first or third Monday of the month following your enrollment.

What if I want to try art journaling, is this for me?

This is not an art journaling subscription. All practices will focus on writing.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged on the day you join plus 7 days to account for your free trial and subsequently the same date every month. You may update and/or change your CC on file at anytime.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! Simply email with “Cancel The Brave Page” in the subject line and we’ll cancel within 24 hours.

What if I don't like it, can I have a refund? 

We don’t offer refunds but you may cancel any future payments at any time.

How much time can I expect to write?

Each practice offers a grab-bag of prompts and techniques. Journal for as little as 5 minutes per week or add them together and journal every day for 10-20 minutes. You get to choose your writing adventure!


The Brave Page is $14/month after your 7 Day Free Trial. Cancel Anytime.


What journal writers are saying…

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“You have an amazing ability to draw out the thoughts/feelings/beliefs that are just underneath the surface.”

- Kate Holly

“Each practice leaves me wanting more, which is the best way to leave!”

- Natalie McGuire

“Your prompts always make me rethink and recalibrate my goals and plans, and ultimately show me paths I did not know existed. Thank you so much for doing this.”

- Willem Jan van den Eijkhof 

“The questions that you ask inside my journaling practice and what arises from it take me to some of the deepest places I've ever been.”

- Sam Ibarguen

“You know the perfect questions to ask in the exact moment that it’s needed.”

- Karma Hill

“Your writing is very evocative and accessible and I love reading it.”

- Emma Whittard

“I find your questions to be especially helpful in helping me find my own answers and center.”

- Danielle LaRock


The Brave Page is $14/month after your 7 Day Free Trial. Cancel Anytime.