Andrea Leda
Life Coach Guru

Bold Agreements


Bold Agreements

Before we begin this work together, whether we have one conversation or hundreds, there are a few bold agreements I make with my clients. Read these and let them soak in. When you show up for your call or calls, this means you are in alignment with these agreements and understand how I show up for you.


My coaching... a co-created relationship, one that can radically empower you, possibly for the first time in your life. founded on the principle that all people are whole, creative, and resourceful. You do not need to be diagnosed, fixed, or healed. wholehearted and provides safety for you to truly be seen and heard, and ultimately remember that you matter. not a solution but rather a pure creative space where you can explore all possible outcomes and remember that you have a choice.

...puts you back in the driver seat of your life and assumes right responsibility. It reminds you that you are your own domain and always have a choice. rooted in the belief that all people are valuable and have a purpose. It assumes all people are whole at their core, even if you're experiencing a fragmented piece of your life in this moment. simply a tool. You will be the one to change your own life with my unwavering belief that not only can you create positive change, in a way, it's already done.


How I show up as your coach

I am intuitive and use my intuition to help forward the work and your experience. I feel a responsibility to present the intuitive stories I receive and also help you to integrate them. I am not a psychic and won’t give you “downloads” that tell you what to do or how. The information I read is nothing you don’t already know. But it is helpful to have these stories  brought to the forefront and heard with such clarity. 

You are a strong, not-broken, and capable adult. You’ve handled your life up to now and will continue to do so after me. I trust that you will know how to utilize this work and I am here to support you wholly in doing so.

I practice my work totally rooted in love. This includes how I show up, how I approach you, the questions I ask, and how I use my intuitive gifts. If I invite you to continue working with me, I will present the program that I believe in my heart will get you the exact results you’ve asked for and nothing less.

I am responsible for the container I create but not for what happens inside that container. I will create a safe space for you to feel open and supported; I call this a coaching container. I will also use this container to challenge you in a loving way. You are responsible for your life and what you do with what we uncover.

I am human and also do the work. I am an open book and will share pieces of my own experiences if I think they will serve you. But I don’t feel it’s serving or safe to bring all of my stuff into your session, because you aren’t here to take care of me. This can appear as though I’ve got it all figured out – I don’t. I practice what I preach and am, like everyone, a work in progress. I work with coaches and spiritual mentors as well as journal, meditate, and reflect on my own fears and desires just like you.

When you show up to do this work with me, these are what we've agreed to. I can't show up more than, but as you do. Thank you for going within - you are a gift to the world.