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You're kind of a Big deal

you're kind of a big deal andrea leda
you're kind of a big deal andrea leda

I recently re-found this photo from exactly one year ago. This photo is for each and every one of you.

I find it's wayyy(yyyyy) too easy to fold our greatness behind us and only share a little about what magic we're bringing to the world.

Well. #yourekindofabigdeal

I am growing my practice. In doing so I get to serve more people. Like you! Who I believe are showing up with something SO needed in the world.

Like flow, success, power, joy, and visions coming to life.

Whether you sit with people and help them strategize or heal them from afar you are SERVING their greatest good for the greater good of all.

As I said to my coach, Michael Knouse recently, "We have the best job in the world!"

To which he replied, "Oh yes we do !"

Which really got my thinking - WE know how great our work is and the people we SERVE also then why aren't more intuitive & visionary entrepreneur's talking up their work??

Take my dear friend and colleague, Rachel Eva. Rachel founded Integrative Wellness Institute because she has this awesome vision that healers will rise up and do the work as a collective.

Or my friend, Toku. Toku founded and has this empowered vision of bringing enlightened leaders to the forefront of business.

My incredible wife, Chris...founded Aleda Fitness and has the vision that your health should only get better with age.

My mentor, Michelle Gay, who believes with her whole heart that not only are small businesses the backbone of this country that those same businesses cultivating nurturing teams helps everyone thrive. (And I agree with her!)

My Coach and firestarter Michael Knouse, founded The Startup Sessions and he envisions a world where all businesses bring their soul to the surface and work through heart.

My cousin and chef, Zachary Mazi created Lionfish Supper Club because he has a vision to feed the soul and reconnect you with yourSelf. (not a typo)

Fellow Conscious Success Coach, MaryAnn McNulty, believes it's time to support the world changers so the world can change.

My friend and guru, Riley Temple, who is one of the oldest soul's I've ever met and who see's honoring our experiences as the gateway to connection.

My fellow empowerment visionary, Jennifer Alyse who sees herself as a conduit for helping women to own their power and bring the intuitive age full circle.

And my new friend, Anabell Roberts, who sees life as a beautiful way back to the truest self.

I could keep going. I can sing the praises of purpose all day long. Because it's utterly amazing to me that we live in a time where we might actually have a chance to make world-wide change snow-ball.

As you start each day thinking about those you're going to reach who you haven't met yet and those you'll continue to serve...what do YOU need?

You. The one behind the business.

The heart that shows up everyday.

What are you ready to really share with the world?

I'll go first.

I believe there's a movement happening greater than we could ever express with words. I feel it in my bones and I will champion it all the days of my life.

My clients and students know they are meant to create something in this world that is greater than them.

My role is to help them see and clear any and all interference so what's left over is an allowance of their highest good to persevere and serve the world.

Your turn! Please go out and share with 5 people the magic you're here to create.

And today as you go out and do your thing remember:


Much love,

Peace of I,