Write your own rules


This photo was taken after a pretty epic but impromptu dance party at Awaken Your Practice just a couple weeks ago. My coach and fellow Awaken teacher decided to play a little game with us which evolved into a ridiculous dance fest which turned into epic laughter and of course, joy.

After we all cooled off and got the giggles out, he sat us down for a teaching on Divine Play and reminded us that business (and I would add LIFE) doesn't need to be so serious. And he's right. Instead, he invited us to write our own rules. This was just one of many incredible moments during the weekend.

This immersion continues to surprise me and blow me away. I will share some testimonials shortly but for now, I am soaking it all up. Because Awaken Your Practice was just me writing my own rules and inviting people along for the ride.

I shared at the Awaken weekend how I had been getting a massage, just lying there on the table getting some yummy self-care when the idea literally appeared in my mind. Out of nowhere. Or I should say, "nowhere." I could feel it brewing for awhile and on that particular day, I was ready to hear it.

I remember spending the next morning pouring ideas into my journal about bringing coaches and entrepreneurs together and doing something radically different - not teaching tools but teaching truth. Not giving them more information but more intuition. It seemed like the most obvious thing to do and yet it would require that I wrote my own rules.

Rules like:

I have the right to write a book.
I have the right to teach others.
I am worth sharing my ideas with the world.
I have my own permission to teach about energy, intention, vision, and the purpose of business in this new economy.
I can bring the right people together at the right time.
I can be valuable to my own special brand of magic.

And so on they went. Before I knew it I was talking about this immersion with no "sales page" and nothing to show for it but some conviction that wouldn't seem to leave me alone.

Then I was enrolling people for the first immersion last fall before the book was fully formed. I rented a space. I invited teachers to join me. And bam...6 months after that massage I found myself in my first Awaken Your Practice weekend.

Two weeks ago was the second time I taught this and it blew me away. This thing that I had intuited was fully formed and ready to go, it just needed me to write the rules for myself so I could show up and play full out on its behalf. And next month I begin enrolling for the third one. THIRD.

What rules do you need to write for yourself so that you can bring your ideas to life? Even more important - what rules are you currently following that are keeping you from bringing your ideas to life? No matter if I am coaching a visionary entrepreneur, a c-suite leader, or a mixed group of people I see the following 5 rules show up the most...

  1. The world defines my value for me.

  2. I am too small to make a big difference.

  3. I am waiting to be given permission.

  4. It has to be hard to be worth it.

  5. Others' needs come first.

No matter your title, you are human, first. And as a human, you are subject to your beliefs. Your beliefs are those bold absolute statements you have created to make sense of your life and the world. We are meaning-making machines -- this means we need to make sense of things. All things. I think this quote sums it up beautifully:


One year ago I stopped looking outside of myself for answers and I stopped listening to "marketing experts," "Facebook gurus," and "high-end coaches" and got very still. I listened to my heart by opening up a dialogue through my journal. Call it a portal, call it a channel, call it woo-woo, I don't care.

It didn't bring life to my business -- it brought my business TO life. I wrote my own rules for success. And I did so unapologetically.

I invite you to write new rules and erase some old ones. Beliefs are subjective and they're yours. So you may as well make them your bitch. Or something like that :)