Will you pilgrimage with me?


Twice every year, I embark on a pilgrimage with 8 seekers. But this isn't any typical pilgrimage. While most involve walking a path outwardly (The Camino, Pacific Crest Trail, Shikoku 88), what I believe all pilgrimages have in common is an inward walk. This is what Awaken Your Life is for.

Why do we embark on such an intensive journey? To discover something? To shed something? I think we all ought to go in search of parts of ourselves we feel we've lost, and we should go in search of the things we've been carrying too long when it's time to let go.

My dad was a lifelong seeker. It was one of the qualities I most admired about him. In one of the final conversations we had, he said the most satisfying thing he's ever said to me. We were standing in the kitchen having one of our "meaning of life" chats - something we'd been doing since I think I was 5 years old.

Except this time something was different.

I told him that I don't merely want to look after people's problems. I don't want to be a gatekeeper to life's dramas and in a way, keeping people from a greater calling. My work is not a dumping ground and it is also not a blanket-solution.

My work is a space that already exists within yourself. A space that craves inquiry, trust, and seeks truth and self-knowing. My work is not the place you come because you're distressed or depressed but because you can feel your capability deeply and ache to explore it.

Mere existence won't suffice. You have real questions about yourself and the nature of your time on earth. You are already in the process of waking up and are seeking an impetus to seek FULLY and honestly. In other words, you want to be awake and help others do the same.

So there I was, standing in the kitchen with my dad, sharing what has taken me almost a decade to put into words. And then it happens: he says to me, "I think you'll find what you're looking for because you care so much to find it."

Now - this may seem anti-climatic. But we had been discussing the nature of purpose since my awakening in 2014 and he had, until this moment, not seen the intent of this work. Then it hits me. I realize that while I had so desperately wanted to be seen by him and his wisdom, what I really had been seeking all along was acceptance from myself to be and do what I know to be true for my life.

Do you ever feel this way? Like you're waiting for someone else to grant you permission to do the thing you're already poised to do? If so, then I invite you to join my year-long pilgrimage, Awaken Your Life.

In this pilgrimage, we’re walking within. Some of the most daring terrain lies within your own heart and mind. Because it isn’t the way the world is that affects you, but the way you are that affects the world. And this is created with your own hands, your own thoughts, your own heartbeat, and your own neurons.

To really know yourself is not a given. It can take many lifetimes to understand who you really are.

What are you made up of?
Why are you here?
What purpose do you serve?
Are you awake?
Do you want to be?

I chose the word pilgrimage to describe this work because it is a practice, a dedication, and an adventure to the depth of your whole self. When a pilgrim returns they are not the same. You will see things, experience things, feel things, and learn things along the way that fundamentally change you.

My request is that upon returning at the end of our year, you take all that you learn and go back into the world to serve others. Let your life be your greatest teaching. Come fully alive and dare to ask questions you can’t answer. Even more, attempt to live their answers with total faith.


“This is why we journey –
to retrieve our lost intimacy with the world.”

– Christine Valters Paintner, The Soul of a Pilgrim

Awaken Your Life is a 200-hour master life coach training, a teaching, a learning, and something you will experience in your own way. No two pilgrims will come away from this year teaching and coaching it the same. 

I am giving you principles. You make them your own. I am giving you a foundation. You get to build the rest. This is the way of a pilgrim. The tools are irrelevant. How they transform you is their sole purpose. 

Together, we will walk five paths within - the mind, the heart, the crown, the ground, and transformation.

In the outback of Australia, Aboriginals have a right of passage called a walkabout. The way you learn how to take someone on walkabout is to walk one. This is what you’re doing. Before you can teach the way, you have to walk the way. And not just any way: your way.

Imagine your first day - meeting just six additional people you will spend 6 months with with. It starts out light as you each navigate each other and what you're about. You realize that this is the community and the experience you've been in search of, and it's only just begun.

You venture to the Oregon coast for your opening retreat, on a beautiful coastline where evergreens meet the Pacific Ocean. Tucked in a newly-renovated lodge, you spend the next 6 days immersing into the work. Although you have to bundle up, you're greeted by the roaring ocean just steps outside the front door and the heat of a crackling fire.

In the kitchen, our private chef, Zachary Mazi of the Food Bender, has already begun to work his magic. Over the next week you'll retreat, learn, practice, write, inquire, connect.

By night you'll laugh, play, and enjoy organic and locally sourced Pacific Northwest cuisine and regional wine. Start your day for yourself - enjoy a walk on the beach, yoga, fresh coffee or tea, and meditation. And so the week continues...

This is just a taste of this program.

Following our retreat, we meet weekly for 2-hour trainings on the Five Ways - Heart, Mind, Crown, Ground, and Transformation. You are coached privately by me each month and receive unlimited support. 

At the end of the 6 months, you will have completed 200 hours and be a Certified Master Coach - and you will have walked your own pilgrimage.

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