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Why I retired at 32...

I retired on October 22, 2016. I am 32.

I am not super wealthy or exhausted. I am not bored and I still have plenty to give.

But on this particular Saturday, I had the sudden realization that to do my best work, to play, to give and to truly let go of attachment and help others soar I needed to first retire. So I simply made the choice and now my real work can begin.

I was immediately overcome with freedom - no more "have-to's" or "must's". No more chasing business or desperate attempts at being the next "it girl coach". I've retired and have found myself in a deep practice of profound play.

Play is not sitting on the beach or skiing on the weekend. It's dancing with the divine and perfectly orchestrated universe. It's listening to sacred silence and hearing the sound of joy everywhere. It's giving my absolute best and most tapped in self without any limited attachment to outcome. It's choosing complete flow. And it's choosing to serve from a place of complete expression.

No more ladders to climb or popular industry clubs to kiss up to. I've retired. Now my only "job" is to listen to what wants to be created and fall in love with it and give myself totally to that vision. I now co-decide what and when. No more vacations and no more work days. In Divine play, it's all the same. I'm totally free and completely full. 

Now before you get confused, I am not done "working." But I am done pushing. If you didn't need the money, need that client, need that person, need...need...need how would and could you approach life differently? Playfully? Freely? Fully? Intuitively?

Life is 100% what you make it be. We live in a culture designed around total comfort. Survival is not really the name of the game anymore. Neither is information or industry. We are living in an unprecedented time where the sole/soul purpose of your wild and precious life is to come home to your True Nature.

To heed your call is your only "job". And you can't do this on Facebook, you won't find it in your Twitter feed, or even on Instagram. You can't "like" your calling or take out an ad for it. You won't find it at that women's networking event or even on stage at the next Tedtalk. 

For a moment there I thought I needed to play the game. To work hard. To build more strategy into my work or start FB ads again. Until I went within to a place I have not visited before and FELT so clearly what a huge mistake this would all be! I am not playing this game, it is rigged to keep your head down and your heart closed. 

So I retired. And now I am FREE to BE the work. This month we dive into what this means, how you can practice your own version of retirement, and why this is the most exciting time to be alive. 

Light and love,



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