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At the close of every year, I take a full day to plan my next program year. No, it doesn't all go as planned; that would be too easy. However, I can feel what a full year of community, giving, connection, teaching, writing, and coaching is going to be like.

This may have been obvious to everyone but me, but it took me until 2018 to fully realize and accept that I am a "hold your hand" kind of business. I know, shocking. But in all seriousness, I didn't really know this until even a few months ago.

There are "show me the way" businesses and "we want you to hold our hand" businesses. Clearly I am the latter but for years I was trying to be the other way. Discovering this gave me so much permission to own these:

I enjoy space and breathing room. I crave to be home, to make tea in my kitchen, to write every morning, and to take a long walk during the workday. I don't love rushing, squeezing things in, or living out of a suitcase.

I crave richness and depth. I crave deep work in almost every area of my life, especially in my coaching practice. I want to actually know you and befriend those who work with me. This requires time and a relationship. I know that I am not everyone's cup of tea — but my bravery comes from being my cup of tea.

I seek out beauty and experiences. I attempt to create home wherever I teach, speak, or coach. My work should feel like I am inviting you into my home because in a way, I am. Home allows for the comfort and intimacy required to do deep work.

I honor truth and truly seeing you. Through my ability to SEE people and my willingness to go first, I use my own wisdom and stories to help others extract their own truth using questions, inquiry through listening, and a safe and patient but strong container.

I want you to know you are worth being brave with your life. We are conditioned to believe that all of life requires external force or permission to manifest. That we must seek outside ourselves to fulfill what's inside ourselves — to fix what broke, be healed, find the answer, get better advice, devise a better plan — but all of this is a poor attempt to replicate the intricate dance of the interior, and trust in this space is what unleashes its potential.

Every life-creating choice I've ever made has come from being brave, and bravery requires trust. Today it continues to be my mantra, the thing that I am not doing if I'm dancing with fear, and the thing I am totally enmeshed with if I am playing my version of big.

These are my commitments to you and to my work in 2019. They are the birthplace for what I create inside my work. If you crave community, smaller spaces, rich and life-giving conversations, to be seen, to be challenged, and to trust your own innate wisdom then I just might have an experience waiting for you.

If something calls to you, then I encourage you to put your name on a list or have a conversation with me. Below is my program calendar for the rest of 2019.

Taste of the Journal in Oregon Wine Country
This summer I will bring three of my favorite things together — the journal, Oregon wine country, and small groups for connection. Enjoy a boutique Oregon winery, sip local Pinot Noir, and crack open your journal with me.

Seats are $125 per person:

Awaken Your Practice LIVE: September 12–15 in Portland, Oregon
Join us for my sixth Awaken Your Practice! This high person and intensive coaching immersion is for the "who" behind your business. During our 4-day immersion, we will bring you up against your upper limits and move you beyond them so you can help the people you’re called to serve succeed wildly.

Spots are filling now; 7 seats remain. Apply today:
> www.awakenyourpractice.com/live

Brave Page Retreat: September 25–29 in Manzanita, Oregon
Join me and a small group for 5 days in one of the most majestic pockets of the Pacific Northwest. We stay in a private oceanfront home in Manzanita, a small coastal town along the Oregon Coast.

Your entire retreat is dedicated to exploring your life and longings through your journal. Enjoy beach walks, salt air, tree-lined hiking, and space to write as we move into the fall. This retreat includes a live-in private chef, twice per day yoga, journaling, and private coaching.

There are just 8 spots left. Book your room today:
> https://www.andrealeda.com/retreat-2019

Awaken Your Life: Fall cohort begins November 11th
Join my fourth cohort this fall. Awaken Your Life is the only 200-hour Master Life Coach training program that is also designed to change your life. With intentionally small cohorts of 8 students or less, we kick off the fall training with our 6-day retreat in Manzanita in November.

We are almost full! 4 spots left. Apply today:
> www.awakenyourlifecoach.com

Awaken Your Bliss: Inviting 5 women to join me
Awaken Your Bliss is my 1:1 immersive coaching program. We spend an entire year together including a 1-day breakthrough session, 24 90-minute deep dive coaching conversations, mentoring, more than 48 writing practices, and a 4-day private retreat at The Awtrey House in Manzanita, Oregon.

I am currently inviting 5 women to join this experience:
> https://www.andrealeda.com/awaken

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