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What's calling your soul?

What's calling your soul?
What's calling your soul?

What's calling your soul? I know you can hear it, you can feel it or sense it brewing there. You can tap into it once in a while and feel the flood of emotion that come with your soul's calling. This isn't necessarily about your 'job' or your 'purpose' so much as it's about what is asking for your attention. It might be your purpose. It might also be your health. Your partnership. Your community. Words in you that want to be written. Photos that want to be captured. Rituals that need to be formed. A place you need to see or visit.

I observe people every day who are turning away from what's calling them. Myself included. I am choosing to give space to this today for two reasons: 1) My hope is to nudge you a little into giving yourself this thing your soul is craving, and 2) Because now is the time.

I've never met anyone who doesn't know what's calling them. 99.9% of the work I do is help people chisel away the things that are keeping them from turning toward what calls them.

I've heard these callings described as pipe dreams, bucket list items, or sheer wishful thinking. I find that we describe the thing we really want to do, or be, or create as out there, away from us, and not possible.

In saying no to the thing you want to do, you're also saying yes to something you don't really want to do. Then we wonder why we're unhappy, unhealthy, stressed, unfulfilled, or broke.

You can not give the best of your heart and soul to something that doesn't speak to you. Because this is a co-created relationship. And the thing you give to gives back to you in the form of inspiration, joy, wealth, and fulfillment.

Turning toward what your soul is calling into your life isn't frivolous, it's completion. It's how you evolve, grow, explore, and understand what you were built for.

The photo above is a journal exercise I did a few weeks back. I decided to turn toward my calling and work with people who inspire me...I wrote who they are down. And then this is what happened...clarity cuts through like citrus on grease. It clears the path. The people I journaled about started to reveal themselves to me. Becuase they had been there all alone.

I didn't change anything other than my perception.

You can't see how close you actually are to the thing that calls you until you choose tosee it. 

In the book I'm reading right now, The Art of Possibility, they ask these two powerful questions:

1) What assumption am I making that I'm not aware I'm making that gives me what I see? 2) What might I invent that I haven't yet invented that would give me other choices?

If you had to drop all your reasoning that is keeping this calling at bay... If you could put them down like heavy stones in your pocket... Imagine picking them out, one by one, and leaving them at your feet. Free yourself from the weight of the assumptions that aren't serving you.

Now - what choices would put your calling at your doorstep? Is it allowance? Abundance? Worthiness? Playfulness? Possibility? Invent a space in yourself, even if just for a moment, where the person you need to be to BE your calling just is

Feels pretty good, doesn't it.

This is what I did in my journal. This isn't manifestation in the sense that I called these people in. They were already around me. I simply chiseled away at the assumptions I'd wrapped around my life and my work keeping me from seeing this so clearly.

And then, like when the sun breaks over the ocean after a storm revealing the horizon, I could see that my calling has been patiently waiting for me this whole time. 

In light and love, Andrea