What if the world were wealthy from within?


A week ago I came across this podcast: Are you Blocking Your Wealth? First, it's well worth listening to. Second, the guest says something toward the end that really struck me. She said that women today have a moral imperative to be congruent financially because it will take women's voices and women's money to heal the world.

Now, this is a bold statement and one I wasn't so sure about at first. But we do know that when women have more money, they are more likely to give more, they educate others, and they save for future generations. So what could be possible if more women had not only money but money wisdom? What if all people had wealth from within?

Money is a component of your physical life, but it is also a byproduct of your inner life. Money comes from your thoughts and your beliefs, your emotional ties to money, and your spiritual awareness of money before it ever becomes a physical reality.

Most people want more money. This is not a new thing. Even people who are afraid of money want money. People who think money is evil want money and even people who don't understand it still feel that it has some sort of control or hold over them. So how is it that something that can be so opportunistic and so helpful has become one of the most shame-driven topics in our society today?

I don't want to get into the details of that. I don't want to dive into the history of money because, in some respects, it's sort of irrelevant. Not sort of, it is irrelevant.

It's irrelevant because it is what it is. It's a game, and money is a system and a tool that we have developed as a human species to create "value" in the world, and how to measure value against other value.

That's not what interests me.

What interests me is that this thing that most people can't seem to get enough of, and can't seem to stop thinking about or being scared about or obsessing over on a daily basis, tends to also be one of the most disempowering parts of your life.

I had a very good friend say to me once on a retreat that she believed that if every human being on the planet had millions of dollars, the world would be a better place. And although I think there are some systemic issues with that statement, she's absolutely correct. (Systemic issues being that giving people more money doesn't mean they know how to have money.) That's a totally different topic, but the idea that if we can resolve the fear of survival and the ability to give everyone equal security, could we solve some of the world's biggest problems?

I don't know. I'd like to think that we could, and in some ways, it's more complicated than that. Like I said, you cannot give people $100 and they automatically resolve all their issues with money.

You can't give them $1 million, or even a billion, and assume that having more solves those intrinsic issues we have with feeling like we aren't good enough or deserving enough to be wealthy. This is the entire basis for the Lottery Curse. Look it up, it's a thing!

I would like to see a global society where money is put in its place, and it's used as an opportunity and a tool and a device, a way to connect, resolve infrastructure, feed people, create ideas, manifest dreams, but not where we use it as something to hoard power or keep control of others.

There's absolutely a dark side to money, but not because money is evil - because money is simply an amplifier. Money merely reveals what people already are. As an amplifier, it just makes it bigger and louder and more noticeable.

As I remind my students all the time, money is not the issue. The people with money are the issue.

So how do you want to treat this resource?

What do you want it to say about you?

Who do you want to be when you have wealth in the bank and money in your pocket?

How do you want to represent something that has become so misunderstood?

In addition to being an amplifier, money is a neutral energy. It is merely a thing, like a table or a doorway, or a piece of fabric. It has no inherent value other than that that we ascribe to it.

We, as a globe, have decided money talks. Money speaks volumes. Money decides who's in power and who's not. Money decides who's at the top and who's at the bottom, which doesn't give a very fair representation of human beings and their actual potential. No, it gives a very quick and unequal measurement of what people are and who they're capable of becoming.

It is important that we value ourselves highly and that we play this game, not because we want to win the game but because we want to change it.

Right now, some of the wealthiest people are business people. Independent companies, entrepreneurs, tech startups, CEOs, people who climb the way to the top of the ladder and use that system to amass money or wealth. Some of the people at the bottom become the martyrs, the ones who have two or three jobs, who don't have any wealth and who are low on the socioeconomic ladder.

What I ask of every one of my students is to decide where you want to fall. Do you want to play the game from within, or do you want to change the game from without?

Can you imagine for a second if every light worker, healer, and spiritual warrior on this planet had money? Remember, money is an amplifier, so could your light reach more people? Could your healings be provided to more people?

Not to say that business people are bad and spiritual people are good. In fact, that's the same trapping that got people into the money issue to begin with. We have to halt all judgments. It's not about the label, it's about the person behind it. It's not about the money, it's about the person behind it.

What does your belief about money say about you?

Wealth is not measured by your bank account. It's measured by your self-worth, the value you bring to your own life and others', the ability to be kind, empathetic, and compassionate, how well you harmonize with your own society, with nature, with your family, with your self, with your partner, and the ability to use that for service and good to help others.

Wouldn't it be nice if the compassionate people had money? Not because it would make money good. It would just mean compassionate people had money. People with money are not bad, but a lot of bad people love the idea of money giving them power. Because we are a system that has historically supported that idea, we have a lot of people who do not question egoic shadow power with a lot of money. It gives money a pretty bad rap, don't you think?

Money is at the whims of your beliefs about it, so I invite you now to create a belief system that supports your inner wealth as much as your outer wealth, that doesn't take from anything but gives unapologetically to yourself.

In the name of more love and more compassion and more light and more healing, I can assure you, you having more money doesn't mean somebody has less.

There's more money in circulation now than any other time in the history of the world. There will be more tomorrow. There will always be more, but how much do you want to receive, and what do you want to create with it?