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What do you stand for?


It's hard to stand up for yourself if you don't know what you stand for...

This statement came out of a conversation with our coaching team at Aleda Fitness. Once it was said we all just paused and realized how powerful this statement is. In thinking about what I wanted to do with this I was reading through Body Confidential and came across Day #26. Now that doesn't mean much to you yet but I decided that it was appropriate to give you a sneak peak because it could change your life. Before you can stand up for yourself and what you want IN your life you have to know what you stand FOR. Then you can do something remarkable - CHANGE YOUR STORY.

You will LIVE your story no matter the context of that story. Let me explain...rewrite how you move forward by disconnecting from who you were yesterday. Yes, you are allowed to do this. Your past is not chalked full of failure, it is filled with FEEDBACK. What does that feedback tell you? If something worked well or not well enough. That's all!

Feedback does not tell you that you're a failure, that you messed up, or that you just can't get it right. Feedback does not mean you've fallen off the wagon or that your current direction can't be altered. Feedback just tells you how to do something differently next time.

Let today be that next time. Let today be the day you decide to stand up for something so that you CAN stand up for yourself! To help, here is a SNEAK PEAK from Body Confidential Day #26 - To move forward takes a single step...

From this day forward…

I want you to repeat something to yourself that changed my life forever. Are you ready? Its simplicity may astound you but follow in my lead –

From this day forward… 

That’s it! Now let me show you its power. This is your permission to move forward, now is the time, and today is your day. Don't repeat the same actions and receive the same feedback for one more day. From this day forward…

  • You can honor your past but not bring it into TODAY
  • You can be present with this minute only and stop fretting about what was or what might be
  • You can choose to own your choices
  • You can distinguish between the woman that got you here and the woman who will get you out
  • You can do the work
  • You can bank on your ability to change
  • You can release the breaks
  • You can accept every single compliment
  • You can be kind to yourself
  • You can stop making excuses
  • You can be patient and persistent
  • You can live as a whole person
  • You can ask for your needs
  • You can acknowledge the clutter and let it go
  • You can restore your energy and reverence for life
  • You can trust your gut
  • You can be a confident woman.

Now it’s your turn. How will you move from this day forward?

Make your list as I did above.

Choose for yourself what it looks like from this day forward…and decide what YOU stand for. 

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