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"What are you waiting for?"

Light is the new black quote
Light is the new black quote

Something I loved writing for the Awaken your Practice workbook was these little notes from your higher self. I sprinkled them throughout the workbook. And they became the easiest and most fun parts to write. I am proud of the whole book but these little notes seem to come in at just the right time because they pack a BIG message. Today I offer a new one as a download from your higher self. Ok, my higher self but I have a feeling this something you also need to hear. (P.S. Sometimes my higher self uses some...assertive language. But she's smiling and coming from love. This I know for sure.) Enjoy!

Dear Soul,

What the *&#$ are you waiting for? No, really. What magic wand are you waiting to grant you this incredible thing you've already been given? We don't give inspiration to just anyone. We give specific inspiration to its perfect pairing, its perfect match, and it's perfect creator.

Can more than one of you build it? Of course. But if you possess the idea now I assure you there is a reason. Don't ask why. It's irrelevant.

You know when you see an idea out in the world and you think, "Hey! I thought of thatyears ago!" Well if you don't take the inspiration and build it we move it on to someone else. They didn't steal it. You dragged your feet. And quite honestly there is work to be done so we ask you to please stop dragging your feet.

Here's the thing, there's no one to give you the permission you seek. There's no one to invite you to the table of your purpose or of your life. There is no one to graduate you into the work you are destined for. And there is certainly no one to determine your value, worth, or ability to create said purpose. Except for one.


You're it. You're your permission grantor. You graduate you. And you invite yourself to the table of our purpose. And something else we should mention - the work can't begin until you show up. It doesn't happen on the sidelines. It happens in the arena.

The big, beautiful, and bold work you're here to offer the world and to the evolution of your soul can not happen on paper or in your head. It requires doing something.

It requires a commitment to see it through even when it changes your life in ways you don't want. Even when it pushes you right to your edge of fear and limiting beliefs. And especially when it makes you question how incredible you actually are and how bright you are allowed to shine. It is in these moments when the purpose can reveal its entirety to you.

You think it's about just giving something to the world? Sorry. This is not a one-way ticket. This is a give and receive path. Because the very thing you have to give is the very thing you are destined to learn.

So we ask you - what are you waiting for? Don't look to us. We're waiting on you. It's your move.

Light and love, Your highest self & Andrea