Were you a born helper?


Although I have been in self-development for more than 13 years, on July 15, 2014 I officially registered for a business license as a life coach.

I had graduated from my coach school years before this, but I had been hiding my work in a myriad of places, and honestly I didn't believe I had what it took to be a “successful coach” let alone a business owner.

I vowed I wouldn't start another business. I had already started 8 (all long gone now) and to be safe I tucked myself inside my wife's business. You know, to help. But really I was hiding out.

Fast forward to the summer of 2014 when this thing I didn't really know if I believed in became the one thing that rescued me.

But I'd hung my shingle. I had a website, business cards, a fancy tagline, and a bank account. I had done it - I'd launched myself into this new venture. And then...


I remember taking a photo of the first check I wrote myself because I knew it was a big deal. The check was for $100. I made $4,000 that whole first year. But that was more money than I'd ever made inside a business. And it was mine.

It was my name, my brand, and my work. This all excited me and terrified me at the same time. That first year wasn't pretty. Every day my head filled with questions and statements like -

"Do I have what it takes to fulfill my purpose?"
"It feels too big and I want to get it right."
"Who am I to do this magical thing in the world?"

But being a born helper and actually helping turned out to be two very different things. The gap between my desire and what was happening was far bigger than I anticipated it would be.

Born helpers go by many names: Wayfinders. Healers. Lightkeepers. Seekers. Empaths. Seers. And if you're one then you're nodding your head right now. If you're one, well, you just know. I've always known.

I knew I was born for this but it just felt like I wasn't doing enough to succeed. That first "official" year I didn't know which was worse - watching others I admired succeed wildly and what felt like effortlessly or not fully knowing what I was capable of giving our world.

And then I met Dax Moy. Dax taught me to believe in my value.
And then I met Jesse Johnson. Jesse taught me to trust myself.
And then I met Rachel Eva. Rachel taught me to keep going no matter what.

In short - I had help.

No one talks about the beginning. No one talks about their early years. But I guarantee if you got a peek into anyone you admire's past you'd see something similar. Doubt, uncertainty, no money, and...help.

What I didn't have in the bank or in clients or even in my self-confidence, I had in support around me. I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for the generosity of my mentors early in my practice. There is no lone wolf success story. Ever.

If I've learned anything over and over the past four years it's this: The world needs your light and it takes a village.

Today my #1 value is generosity, which is why I created my free community, The Practice. The Practice is a free online hub for service-practitioners to grow their business with heart.

> If you're swimming in a sea of information but can't make sense of where to start.
> If you don't have a trusted advisor to ask real questions of when it counts.
> If you want to feel not alone in your venture.

Then join us.

Did I mention it's FREE? Yes, really.

Everyone deserves the support they need to share their gifts with the world.

> To join now, click this link: Instantly Join

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