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Weekly Journal Prompt - Quote Inspiration


WEEKLY JOURNAL PROMPT QUOTE INSPIRATIONEach week I gift a Weekly Journal Prompt for you to try on in your journal. As a part of my quest to help you be inspired by keeping a journal, I want to be your guide. You can see and write from all Weekly Journal Prompts here. Thanks for joining in! This weeks Journal Prompt of the Week is all about quote inspiration. Quotes are some of my favorite things to write from. They are also taking Pinterest by storm so picking one out is always pretty easy.

This week, choose one of your favorite quotes. If you are stumped you can browse some of my favorites here. Once you have your quote picked out write it at the top of a fresh journal page. Put 10 minutes on a timer and start writing about what this quote means to you.

Why were you attracted to this quote? How does it fit into your life today? How does it make you feel - inspired, empowered, uplifted? Does this quote remind you of someone? Let your writing take you where it needs to go.

I want to hear from you - share in the comments below what you liked about this prompt. Don't forget to have fun!