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Weekly Journal Prompt - An examined life


AN EXAMINED LIFEEach week I gift a Weekly Journal Prompt for you to try on in your journal. As a part of my quest to help you be inspired by keeping a journal, I want to be your guide. You can see and write from all Weekly Journal Prompts here. Thanks for joining in!

This week's Journal Prompt of the Week is the examined life. I'm challenging you this week to use your journal for getting at the root of something. It's easy to write free-form and stay at the surface. But what happens when you dig a little?

You can choose an area of your life you want to explore like your work, your health, or your spirituality. You can choose an object that's important to you like your wedding band, your journal, or an old photograph. You can choose someone you're close with like a partner, a parent, or your child.

This journal exercise is all about observation without judgement. This is key. 

Write your subject at the top of your page and write as though you're a painter trying to get every detail down. What emotion or feeling comes up? Do you have a color you associate with your subject? Do you have questions for your subject? What fascinates you about your subject? Write anything and everything through this detailed lens for 10 minutes. In light and love, Andrea


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