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Weekly Journal Prompt - I am...


journal prompt of the week i am Each week I gift a Weekly Journal Prompt for you to try on in your journal. As a part of my quest to help you be inspired by keeping a journal, I want to be your guide. You can see and write from all Weekly Journal Prompts here. Thanks for joining in!

This week's journal prompt of the week is titled, "I am..." The phrase I am is the most powerful thing you can say, write, or think. It's a jolt of an affirmation to your life. For this prompt you can do a couple different things.

First, write the prompt at the top of your page. Then you can either make a list with the title I am. This list will probably start out with more obvious things like, "a mother, a teacher, a yogi.." and will quickly move into deeper thoughts like, "compassionate, honest, worthy..." Either way the list is sure to make you feel great.

The other option is to free write with I am as your prompt. Your entry will probably be about what is most pressing for you in your life right now. Expect to gain some clarity about what you need most at this time. It will be more of an emotional free write, meaning that instead of finding strategy in this entry you will find connection to how you feel. It will be a great emotional release.

If you are new to journal writing I encourage you to use a timer and just write for 10 minutes. This helps you get into the flow a bit quicker. You'll be amazed how fast 10 minutes can go! Have fun with this one and enjoy.