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Weekly Journal Prompt - End of year reflection


Weekly journal prompt end of yearEach week I gift a Weekly Journal Prompt for you to try on in your journal. As a part of my quest to help you be inspired by keeping a journal, I want to be your guide. You can see and write from all Weekly Journal Prompts here. Thanks for joining in!

Today's journal prompt was inspired by my mentor and phenomenal coach, Dax Moy. I'm incredibly grateful for Dax and to of studied under him for over a year now. Dax just has this way of putting everything into perspective which always reinvigorates me. Just a couple days ago he posted this question to a group I'm part of and it changed everything about what's to come for me.

What impact have my efforts made on the world and my mission within it this year?

It's very different than asking, "What have I accomplished this year?" In a couple weeks I'll post the follow up question to this to make sure you get the post from your 2015. Now is the time for your inner-wisdom to guide you. Now is the time to listen to your higher self. Because the world as a whole needs to heal but it starts with you. Every heart matters.

Set your timer for 10 minutes, write this question at the top of a new page, and begin writing. In love and light, Andrea