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Want to know why we set the same resolution every year??


Our intention: This year I will lose the weight. This year I will eat better. This year I will travel. This year I will do all the things I know to feel great… Yes, it is the New Year. But the onset of the New Year doesn’t magically bring with it a change to how we live our life. It doesn’t include more hours. It doesn’t include an immediate change in mindset. And it doesn’t come with the ease of making space for our goals. It just doesn’t work that way.

We set goals of any kind because they represent hope. Hope that we can have something more and be something more. Hope that if we just put our minds to it we could really achieve some great things. Optimal words there: IF and COULD…

How do you move from IF and COULD to CAN and WILL?

I received an email from a client just a couple days ago and I asked her if I could share one of her questions. I am grateful she said yes because it is something that she is not alone in experiencing. Her question was: I realized that all I want is to feel great from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed but I don’t even know where to start in making that happen. It’s only the first full week of 2014 and already I feel overwhelmed, what should I do? 

All I want is to feel great…but I am overwhelmed how… 

We have all experienced this to a varying degree. We are overwhelmed by our goals for TWO reasons:

1) They are not the right fitting goals at this time

Have you ever set the goal to ‘feel great in my body’ only to go about it with a strict elimination diet and a workout routine that cost you 6 days a week? Then all you feel is headachy, exhausted, and worn down? Well I have. This is the opposite of feeling great! The goal is good. The approach is not so good.

How can you feel great in your body and feel great in your approach too? And yes this is VERY possible.

2) They are happening either too fast, too slow, or we aren’t sure what is happening

Too fast: Your goal requires you to change too many things in too short a time period.

Too Slow: Your goal cannot be accomplished today. Maybe not even for months. And the thought of slow passing agonizing time is painful to think about.

Aren’t sure what is happening: You’ve started a plan of attack but you don’t know what to expect. Each day brings new challenges. You can’t foresee how you will feel next week.

ALL of these make you feel like you are losing control. Your body and mind do NOT like to lose control. This is you under threat. And instead of finding a practical solution you will flee, get angry, or stall.

You’re not crazy! You are human with a hardwired brain. You are designed to stay safe and in control. But you are also designed to dream, forgive, and look to the future. We are funny animals that way.

Next week I will share in HOW to accomplish your goals. This week I leave you with a small challenge. And yes I like to give homework.

Your challenge should you choose to accept it: Get a piece of blank paper. Write at the top: This year I will…then fill it in.

Then for the next WEEK keep a running list of ANYTHING you do that is in alignment with this goal. Write down anything that is helping you to accomplish your goal.

Carry this piece of paper with you all week. You will need it for my next installment of this article.

I can’t sit back and LISTEN to hopeful goal setting and NOT keep you accountable to it. But chances are VERY high (scary high) that you’ve set this goal before. Which means you have yet to accomplish it to your liking. Which means…it is time to do something you’ve never done.


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