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How do you 'uplevel' and not fall down?


What does it mean to 'uplevel'? Yes, I'm aware that it's technically not word. But let's go with it. First, a short story. It's been a very interesting, inspiring, and challenging 2 months around here. I completed a program that radically changed how I do my work, I deliberately stopped marketing online, and I've re-connected with my community and started a whole new one.

It's been a challenge because I had to do something I rarely do...set boundaries! Eek! I define a boundary as that congruent place in you that meets the world. The part of you that knows, "This is who I am." <--period.

My boundaries are made up of my values, my worth, and the direction I'm going.

As soon as I decided to stand still and own my worth and my work my boundaries got pushed in ways I couldn't have prepared for. I'm still deciphering why this happens but in fairness I was warned by one of my teachers and mentors.

When you decide to 'uplevel' your life and work by playing big, going for it, owning your worth, and doing what few believe is possible unfortunately the backlash can look like this:

  • Friends bring their doubt parade to your front door
  • Colleagues warn you you're going to crash and burn
  • Your inner-gremlins throw one hell of a party on behalf of 'staying small'.

I share this with you because A) I think you are a world-changer here to do purposeful and powerful work for the benefit of others. B) You want to become the 'absolute grandest version of your best life' as my mentor Dax Moy likes to say.

What's worse is when we let the doubt and naysayers creep in. They feed on our worst fears. At least they did for me.

And it wasn't the people themselves but the fact that if a boundary being pushed made me sad, angry, frustrated and so on I knew this - there was something in their words and actions I had yet to reconcile with myself. In other words a part of me in there somewhere believed them! Bleh.

So, what can you do? How do you be BOLD in spite of your boundaries getting pushed, big time? I asked my Women's Mastermind group this question a couple weeks back. Here's what they shared with me and I LOVED it...

Dive in anyways.

Yup. They told me to dive in anyways. My dear friend Jennifer Alyse even said, "I think the thing that scares you also inspires you. It's that rush of diving off the high-board. It's terrifying and the thrill on the way down is ah-inspiring at the same time." (Thank you Jennifer!)

I took this to mean that the boundary pushing and the part of me that was starting to believe the naysayers was really just afraid of the ride.

Because I can say this with certainty (which I can't say of many things) - the thing you're meant to do, the great calling you need to answer, that piece of your soul that is looking for it's path here on is going to get it's butt kicked. Sorry, but it is! Because this path means more.

How do you uplevel? By upleveling and diving in. So I dove in! And you know what? It isn't as scary as I imagined. It actually feels like home.