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Truth Nuggets for my Birthday

Listen to your life
Listen to your life

I love a birthday. They are a gift in themselves. Because YOU are a gift. To even be here is a gift. But it doesn't mean it's always easy. In fact, I hope it isn't because it's those moments that push against our life where we learn the most. This has been an incredible year. It was just two years ago that I was in the throws of a total life collapse. Nothing added up anymore and I was very lost. So to be here today on the other side of that experience and to feel as grateful and full as I a way feels like a miracle and in a way just feels like life.

This is how it goes - we live, learn, live, learn, etc. Some lessons suck. There's no polite way to say that. Some learnings are brutal and make you question everything. Some are mildly uncomfortable. And others barely flag your life but they are all just as important.Growth happens in the contrast of discomfort and comfort.

We learn about love when we hurt. We learn about life when we're lost. We learn about happiness when we're sad. We learn about success when we're failing. We learn about what we want when riddled with things we don't want.

I believe this so much that I have made my work and my life a dedication to teaching this. And I am no exception! I am human. Isn't it a wondrous thing?!

To celebrate my humanity I want to gift myself space to reflect on a few things I really took to heart this year. It was a year of radical growth for me. Radical as in rooted and anchored. Growth as in painful and awesome, all at the same time. If you get something from these, great! If not. Well, it's my birthday and sometimes you just have to be self-serving. ;) #kiddingnotkidding

I learned that no one can show up until I do. If life is my mirror then no one can show up until I show up. This is true in my work, friendships, family, community, and partnership. If I long for something then it is the very thing I have to give. If I need for something it is the very thing I need to give myself. Last November I came out as a spiritual leader. It wasn't as painful as I anticipated and it still challenges the part of me that is terrified of being invisible. I learned that if I really want to be seen in this way I have to BE this way.

I learned it isn't about me. When people reject my ideas, it isn't about me. When I serve my clients, it isn't about me. And when I speak to the truth I experience in my own heart and life it isn't about me. I feel that the work I am doing is my calling and my purpose for being on earth. And it is so much bigger than me even when it affects me.

I learned that I want things. I want the world to change. I want less violence. I want cancer to go away. I want a big house. I want to live in the mountains. I want my family to be healthy. I want to live a long life with my wife. I want to publish a book. I want to be a 7-figure coach. I want to put myself out there. I want people to stop judging and start loving. I want people to go within. I want to enjoy every aspect of life. I want to go Home. I want to not hide the things I want. We all want. It feels good! It's about dreaming and visioning new life. And it's about honoring and loving right where you are.

I learned that I have learned a lot. Yup. Not just this year but all the years of my life are so packed with lessons it's incredible. Life really is handed to you on a silver platter and the moment you see this, you are free.

I learned that I am fiercely loved and appreciated. THANK YOU.

I learned that I really love life. Like a lot. I really do love life. I am in awe of life and it's magic. I used to live from beneath a dark cloud and I didn't see the purpose of life. You could have spelled out miracles for me and I would have said you were a liar. And today I see so much beauty, potential, joy, and possibility everywhere I turn. I wouldn't change where I've been or what I've experienced.

I wish for all people to have their entire life be their entire awakening. To get out of their own way and go for it. To answer their calling and turn their art into their purpose and their gift back to the world. Maybe this is a selfish want. But it's my birthday and this is what I want. 

Light and love, Andrea


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