To my fellow teachers everywhere...


One of the biggest fallacies of self-development work today is that you have to "get big" to make a difference. And yet, all over my work the very opposite is proving to be true.

This group of human beings has changed my life. They are also responsible for some of the deepest belly laughs I've ever experienced. 

Whenever I embark on a new program I often think I will just do some coaching and teach people who wanted to deepen their own practices the power of this work. I say "just" with a little sarcasm. Coming out of this experience there is no "just" about it. 

If you have been part of my world for a while, then you know the past couple of years has shaken me to my core. Losing my parents only months apart has had me facedown in the arena for the better part of two years. But it is from within this place that the purpose of the very practices I teach have revealed their true essence to me.

The perfectionist-practitioner who wants to appear to always have her shit together was initially quite ticked at this turn of events.

The human-practitioner was relieved that she no longer had to appear to walk a perfect path because there is nothing perfect about loss or life.

All I wanted to do was hit pause on my life so I could go into a little grief bubble and then when I was done dealing with it (side note: you're never done) I could just magically reappear unscathed and no one would know the difference. 

But since this fantasy was not my reality, I knew I had a chance to do something for my students and myself that could deepen their learning and my own — be honest.

You see, the helping industry is riddled with encouragement. Self-development aisles are packed with different versions of the same thing: "How to be happy."

Here I was teaching people how to help people. How to support people's truth, even when inconvenient, and support more people coming home to their true nature of compassion, self-acceptance, and generosity.

The path typically taken is to trek through our strengths, to seek what we do well, to stay positive and optimistic. It's a worthy path and I certainly don't recommend skipping these steps.

But this isn't the work. This is a byproduct of the work.

The honest truth is, humans suffer. We suffer immensely. No one gets out of this life thing unscathed, and while I support optimism and seeking our strengths I also encourage that we let our life teach us. I encourage that we allow the things that happen to us shape us.

Not embitter us, but embolden us. And I believe the choice between the two is yours to make.

So yes, I taught my students about holding space, increasing choice for their clients, helping people tap into their intrinsic motivation, and meeting others fully in the moment without attachment to outcomes or solutions.

But I also taught them about resiliency, soul contracts, purpose, trusting the process, and how to walk people home to themselves.

If you're looking for a teacher that teaches you how to set S.M.A.R.T goals, forward some actions, write inspirational articles, or create goals and strategic plans then I am not the teacher for you.

The International Coach Federation's homepage says,"What the world needs right now are a few more coaches." I couldn't disagree more. (Bear with me.) 

Coaching remains the second largest service industry in the world, grossing more than $12 billion annually, and yet... we aren't getting it.

We don't merely need more coaches, we need more practitioners who are willing to bring the depth of their life to the table.

...Who are willing to share their own stories.

...Who use their belief in the goodness of humanity as their driving force.

...Who believe that people are more than their stories and old patterns and that when given the opportunity, we pursue wholeness because we are already whole.

...Who do not seek to just move away from what's dark, heavy, or scary but who understand the light is through our darkest moments.

If helping an individual find their purpose, heal, love themselves unconditionally, trust their worthiness, shift their relationship to the things that happen to them, unearth their soul contract, be congruent, and come alive does speak to you, then I am the teacher for you.

It's your time. Whether your goal is to become a full-time coach, lead retreats, facilitate transformative experiences, incorporate coaching into an existing career, or transform your own life by dedicating 6 months to walking inward, Awaken Your Life is for you.

To my recent graduates — thank youThank you for your trust, belief, and willingness to be changed. Thank you for showing up and teaching me so much in the process. And thank you for your wholeheartedness which requires vulnerability and a willingness to lean in. My life is better for having you impart your wishes and your wisdom on me and now the world.

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Before you click that link and book time with me, I want you to answer these questions for yourself:

  • Why seek a coach now? What was/is the tipping point that brought you to this place?

  • What do you need to come out of this conversation either knowing or remembering about yourself?

  • What is the cost of not doing this work now?

  • Who will be affected by you doing this work? Think of the ripple effect beyond what you can see.

  • What holds you back? What compels you to move forward?

OK — now...

Book a 90-Minute Problem Solving & Possibility Creating Coaching Experience with me.

If after this session you don't wish to continue coaching that's OK! If you do, then we'll discuss what this looks like. These sessions are currently booked 1–2 months in advance.

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