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What's your emotional body telling you?


"My mind is like a bad neighborhood, I try not to go there alone." -Anne Lamott

We have the capacity for MORE than our fears and our personal sufferings. Life is 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows. But we spend a lot of time focused on our joys and surprised by our sorrows.

We are over-educated in our physical world - our job, money, schedule, food, science...

Yet we are starved for knowledge of our emotional world - fear, suffering, anxiety, anger, love, compassion, values...

Both require study. Both require teachers. Both require illumination.

Yet it is our emotional life that ends up leading the way. 

We hold ourselves back and then we over-induldge. And the cycle repeats itself.

So we attempt to polarize this by going from our rushed physical world to a compensated attempt at connecting with our emotional world.

From the office to our workout...

From a rushed morning to quick coffee with friends...

From Facebook to our Yoga class...

Then when we sit in a moment of stillness or take an intentional breath we are reminded of our personal judgements and shames. The stories

start to flood in...

We must remember that we are not our stories.

But we have to acknowledge their unfinished business before we can move on. When we allow ourselves to get lost in our fears aren't actually


We are not really awake. We are in the anxious future or the sad past. Neither of which are actually 'real'.

What is real? This very mili-second. This fleeting moment. What is around you? What are you looking at? What do you smell? What do you

hear? What do you feel?

What is your BEST intention with this new day?

All the answers are in this moment. But where are you?


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