The Two Options for Path Seekers

I need to repeat this: it isn't actually up to us how things turn out, and our obsession with what we have, what we don't have, what we're missing, and what we're striving for is a big old distraction. You already are everything you could possibly be at this very moment and so to be simply be.

My clients are visionaries; they have these mega ideas not about how the world does work but about how it could work. To the outside world, they look like dreamers who live in fantasyland - people who are attempting the impossible with no real account for what “real life” requires. You know, work-hard kind of stuff.

To the outside world, my dreamers are banking on some concoction of faith, belief, and blind luck. But here’s what the outsiders don’t know about what my dreamers know. These visionaries know that they’re playing a game. That we all are. And the game is not meant for you to succeed or fail. It’s simply meant to be played.

So they are playing.

They are using their inner guidance and gut to follow their path of least resistance. To serve, seek, and find their joy in their dreams. And the successful dreamers know that we all have two options in life, and that one will yield significantly better results than the other. Can you guess which one?

Option A) They can use higher guidance to fulfill their goals.
Option B) They can allow themselves to be guided to fulfill their role in the unfolding of their life.

Dreamers succeed because they are following an inner dream, not an outer dream. They are on their path of least resistance and they know that there is no failure, because success is inevitable. This is what we call a calling.

It's an inner call that beckons you toward some great unknown that you can’t see but you can feel. And you can feel when you’re on the path toward your calling and when you’re on a path that’s taking you away from your calling. My purpose seekers understand this quote...

“No matter how hard a surfer works, the ocean is doing most of the heavy lifting. Because, the operant power behind any force of nature, is nature itself.”
Inside Out Revolution

I want to introduce you to a client. Her name is Jessica and she is a force to be reckoned with. The fist time I met Jessica, we met for an innocent happy hour. I knew right away that this was a woman with a purpose and a powerful path to fulfill. But the woman who sat across from me didn’t quite get this. She was playing small.

Now, I don’t mean she was doubtful of herself or that she wasn’t amassing a big following. I mean that she wasn’t living to the fullest extent of her path or allowing it to unfold from within.

The day she hired me I looked at her and said, “You are meant for big things. And I believe in a bigger vision for you, and I think you can feel that.” She looked at me and said, “I’ve felt this but no one has ever seen it in me also.”

Jessica is the founder of the Superwoman Projet and has launched the first annual Superwoman Summit. All of this unfolded from within when she surrendered to her intuition and trusted that her vision wasn’t some crazy idyllic ideology or pipedream, but something she felt deeply called to fulfill. It had been there all along.

She chose Option B.

Before, when she was trying to make her work happen and "effort" her way there, she was attempting to convince herself that this calling was, in fact, tapping her directly on the shoulder. She tried with all her might to do anything but this expression of her work. Because it felt BIG, but in truth, it was also the path of least resistance.

In other words, she let the waves work their magic. And all she had to do was put her surfboard in the water and surf. All she had to do was let her intuition in the driver's seat and play.

It doesn't make sense to fight so hard, work so hard, or push so hard for what you already have. Quiet the mind for a moment and listen. Park your doubts for what you hear. Suspend your judgments of yourself for thinking you're incapable of this feat. Don't try to be the ocean and the surfboard. It isn't your job.

Your job is to fulfill your dreams, not from "out here" but in here. Your crazy, visionary, idyllic dream. Because - and this I can guarantee - if you can feel it, then the world needs it.