The surprising reason I chose coaching


Becoming a coach was not my first choice. I wanted to help people. Help them do what wasn't exactly clear in the beginning. The only clarity I had was that I was built to be in service of others.

I've always been that girl strangers share their life stories with.

It doesn't matter if I'm in line at the grocery store or on an airplane, I often find myself as the person others tell deep and meaningful things to. I must admit, I like this. Someone choosing to divulge or share something that has depth with me as a total stranger kind of blows me away.

Somewhere in my formative years, I was the "fix it" girl. The one who, whether others asked or not, was always mending people. I felt hurt when others were unhappy.

While I would learn to not take so much responsibility for others' life choices, to this day it is hard to witness someone turn away from their life no matter what it's costing them.

This was why I chose to be a social worker and then a counselor. But I left because keeping people beholden to their past is a waste of a life. You aren't meant to stay in your ordeals. You are meant to be shaped by them, carved out of the rubble, and given that inner flame that only you know why it wholly motivates you.

In many ways, coaching picked me. I was at a rehearsal dinner for my cousin and was introduced to the founder of a coaching school I would later go on to graduate from.

It didn't feel like a big leap. To be honest it didn't even feel like it was a real job. I did not become a coach to make a ton of money because I literally didn't know I could! I didn't become a coach to change the world because who was I to make such bold requests of the world?

No, I became a coach because it was somewhere between people's past and their potential future that a coach gets to play and I remember thinking, "Now that is a pretty cool gig."

Almost 10 years and more than 5,000 coaching conversations later it is far more than "a pretty cool gig." Transformational coaches, the really good ones, can change someone so profoundly that if you really knew the long term result of that change, it would astound you.

The really good coaches are change-artists. We take what isn't apparent and make it known. We are also known as "Someone Who Transforms Things for the Better."

Some coaches hang out in plans and strategies: they use goal measurement and accountability to effort their clients to the next step.

Some coaches hang out in encouragement and energy: they use their cheerful excitement and belief in someone to motivate them to the next step.

And then there are the rare ones.

The coaches who hang out with your potential, who use tools of the mind and quantum field to re-wire how someone sees the world — and in doing so fundamentally changes who they are in the world. Their clients don't effort or get motivated to their next steps. They become the very dream they've imagined.

I will be so bold to put myself in this category. Not because I am special or unique but because I am fascinated and slightly obsessed with this work. And my students are no different. They could choose any school, and there are thousands of coach schools to choose from. (Which is good, because I can only train and work with 8 students per 200-hour cohort!)

I am in this category because I want to be. I want my work to be more than something that feels good. If you are a coach or on your way to being one, then please find your place and choose the mark you will leave. I believe this is up to you and you alone.

My love for this work is confirmed through my studies and education, but my true understanding of it is unearthed in my daily commitment to live an awakened life. No one is born awake. It is through the diligence of practice and dedication we get to come home, time and time again, to our True Self and do the truly great things we are built for.

I’ve used the practices of coaching, journal writing, meditation, habit change, visualization, mindfulness, yoga, breath, NLP, and more to create a whole new life, to change my health, to heal depression, to create financial prosperity, to draw opportunities to me, and more.

I will always and forever be my first client and student. I will not ask you to do anything inside this work I myself am unwilling to do or have yet to do. Your path will not look the same, but the principles we use to create our very desires are universal.

I am a lifetime seeker, as are my clients. And while along the journey I know you will find the things you want, you will also continuously come home to your true self. Want to join me?

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