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The Self-Worth Hustle


The self worth hustleIn honor of the Guidepost I'll share in my weekly series this Friday I wanted to write on something I see all too often - it's something I call the Self-Worth Hustle. The self-worth hustle is a hustling for your worthiness. Anytime you try and prove your worthiness by doing more you're in the Self-Worth Hustle. Here's how the self-worth hustle can show up:

  • You constantly feel like you need more and more education because you don't feel you know enough.
  • You're exhausted at the end of your work week and are ready to go home, but stay an extra few hours to make sure you've completed everything because you want to show you're doing enough.
  • You're racking up more and more debt and it doesn't seem to be slowing down because you don't have enough.
  • You've pondered changing careers for a long time but stop yourself because you aren't ready enough.
  • You are healthy but won't slow down your workouts or diet attempts because you don't feel good enough.

Do any of these sound familiar? Too often I see these behaviors being played out to your detriment. The struggle is that we don't feel like we are good enough just as we are. And yes, there's a huge value placed on improvement in our society. Can improvement be approached differently?

I argue that you can grow from love and not from trying to prove something. This looks like:

  • Radical acceptance
  • Gratitude
  • Faith
  • Mindfulness

What do you think can happen if you measured your well-being by these and not doing more? When did doing more become synonymous with being more? I will let you in on a little secret: you are worthy because you just are. Period. It's this simple!

Next week I'll share a few ways to end the self-worth hustle. Today I wanted to bring some simple awareness to mind. I have a challenge or a suggestion for you this week - take note when you find yourself acting from a place of not enough. Just take note.

In light and love,

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