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The best kept secret to life


People come to work with me for 3 BIG reasons - they want more of something in their life. They want more fulfillment, more groundedness (not technically a word, but you want more of it right?), and more joy. Some want ALL 3. Don't you want more of these things in your life? Well...there's a secret to achieving these. Before I tell you what it is I want to share a story with you.

I want to introduce you to someone dear to me - we'll call her Ally - and I'm willing to bet you have something major in common with her.

She, like so many, was simply unfulfilled. She wasn't unhappy, she just wasn't living the life she'd imagined for herself. She had a good job, it wasn't her dream job but it paid the bills and she didn't have to worry. She had nice hobbies and spent enough time taking care of her health. She was in a healthy relationship. She felt it was a bit predictable but she felt loved and needed and they still made one another laugh. She had a few goals and some dreams but wasn't acting on any of them. She called herself content. 

Ally came to me because she was curious. She asked in our first meeting - "Am I missing something? I have so much good stuff in my life and yet I'm not thrilled or invested in it the way I crave to be."

"What is it you crave?", I asked her.

"Inspiration. Excitement. Growth. Purpose."

"What makes you think your life as it is can't provide these things?", I continued.

"Because...if I took more risks, traveled, maybe wrote a book, moved to a new city, had more adventure, brought my passions to life...then I'd be inspired, excited, growing, and on purpose."

"There's just one teeny, tiny, detail you missed...", I commented.

"What's that?"

"You can DO more, TRY more, EXPLORE more, and GO to new places. But remember, YOU have to bring yourself along."

"Ok...what do you mean?"

"Inspiration, excitement, growth, and purpose aren't out there...they're IN here. They are within the eye of the beholder. If you want fulfillment and joy every day choose to see, feel, expect, believe, trust, and be fulfilled and joyful everyday.

"How do I just choose these things without changing anything in my life?"

"'re choosing right now for your life to not mean these things. It's no different. It's just a different choice."

You must stop trying to change what you are getting for yourself and go to work on changing what you are giving to yourself.

- Guy Finley, The Secret of Letting Go

Put more simply - the best kept secret to life is this: Stop doing and start BEING. 

A flower is just a flower. You get to DECIDE if it's worth stopping to admire and smell or if you keep walking. How you do anything is how you do everything. If you don't stop and smell the flowers you won't stop and admire your success or enjoy an incredible meal or stop and soak up the sunshine.

All our unhappiness lies hidden in our ideas about who we are and how life should treat us.

How do you treat life? Life shows you incredible things everyday. Strangers smiling as you pass on the street. Fresh rain. A great cup of tea. Your child's laugh. You can't create these experiences, all you can do is acknowledge them. Is your life a means to get to the next venture or is your life THE venture? The beautiful thing is, you get to choose. 

It isn't what you do that creates joy, it's who you are that allows joy into your life.

If you see an ugly world it's because you believe the world is ugly. If you see a beautiful world it's because you believe the world is beautiful. Like these ideas but want even more? Listen to my most recent call - The Power of your Unconscious Mind and download the journal prompts to go with.

Your perspective doesn't simply form an opinion about your life and the world around you - your perspective creates it.What are you building?

In light and love,

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