The Alchemy of Your Reality


Carl Jung was ahead of his time, by at least a hundred years. But then again, if he wasn't, his teachings might have been lost in today's info shuffle. Instead, we have these profound truths from a man wise beyond his conscious mind. He knew what was up.

Your unconscious (emotions, beliefs, values, judgments, survival functions, heartbeat, hormones, etc) can process 40,000,000 bits of data per second, keyed into what's going on around you. Your conscious mind (thoughts, language, contemplation, future thinking) can process 40.

So guess who's in charge?

What you see isn't what's there, it's what you decided was important to see there. There is no objective reality. You're creating it as you go. How do you feel? Who do you identify as? What do you value? What do you fear? These and thousands more factor into your "reality." So if you want to change something, anything, guess where you have to begin?

On the inside.

Now is the time to do the work of going within…

A friend recently asked me how I was handling everything quickly shifting in our government and ultimately our country. I shared with her that I feel two things: 1) Spiritually I understand what is happening and how to be with it by loving and letting go, and 2) As a citizen I am gravely concerned for the level of uncertainty we're faced with right now. I also told her that we shouldn't be surprised.

I wrote a few weeks back that what's going on isn't the problem, it's a byproduct of the problems. It's merely a symptom. We are a divided nation because we are divided selves. We've lost touch with our own connectedness because we've lost touch with our inner connectedness.

How do we transform this? How do we bring this gap closer together? How do we act, not as activists, but as alchemists? By changing your inner reality we change our outer reality.

But here's the thing -- for some people, what's happening right now is a blessing. For as many of us who are concerned about this level of discrimination, there are as many people who are grateful for it. We are split. Why?

I am less interested in the split itself and more interested in the root of it. If we don't make our unconscious conscious, as Jung said, we'll look out into our world and instead of accepting responsibility, we'll point fingers.

Don't blame the other. All hate is born from the same place: difference. Be angry, sad, confused, flustered, frustrated that difference causes such scary acts in people. But I request this -- LOVE the part of you that is angry, sad, confused, flustered and frustrated and you'll see that you are the other and the other is you.

When we blur the line of separation we heal. When we stand for the separation, we perpetuate the very thing that causes such violence in the first place.

Love is love. Hate is hate. There's no gray area here. Practice LOVE. Not just with others, but with yourself.

Be the thing you wish you saw more of in the world. Love your enemy and they are no longer your enemy. Love what scares you and the fear disappears.

This is where my light workers come in. I want you to hear me out. Really, hear me out. What if your work, your business, your calling were an amplifier of good and of closing the gap in our separateness? What is possible then?

We live in duality where hate exists because love exists and vice versa. Their hate isn't the problem. Only ours is. Love the anger any event conjures up and you heal anger in the world.

"Your purpose is the excuse through which you get to love people."
- Panache Desai

You can't lead our world toward harmony if you're still stuck in your head, afraid of your gifts. Now is the time to shine as brightly as you were designed to shine! And I am pretty sure it's going to take a lot of us.

Hate is loud. I get it. It screams because its methods are gruesome and cruel. But is the only thing that can bridge any gap and heal any wound. So LOVE through your purpose. This is the spirituality of your gifts and your business. This is the reason you are here.

I want to share something I wrote for my Awaken Your Practice workbook. Sprinkled throughout the workbook are notes from your higher self. And today you need to hear this. I need to hear this.

Dear soul,

I do not give you ideas you can’t realize. I give them to you because you’re the only one who can realize them in the exact way they’re meant to be realized. There is no great question I haven’t already pondered. No “how” I haven’t already figured out. And no fear I don’t see coming.

So what, then, are you waiting for?

That BIG idea you are sitting on is not doing any good inside your head. It wasn’t granted to you to be pondered. It was granted to you to be BUILT, CREATED, and REALIZED. Why, you ask?

Does it matter? I will give you a tiny answer because your “why” is a tiny question. Because. No, really. Just because. Want more? Okay:

Because it’s fun. It feels good. It’s the pure definition of creativity. Creation. To create. To actualize some essence of an idea to something you can hold in your hands. To something you can experience with emotion like joy, gratitude, and reverence. Because, as your higher self, I selfishly want to feel these things too through you.

So go now and create. Put it on paper. Sculpt it. Offer it. Build it. Make it messy. Don’t get it right at first. I assure you, you can’t get it right at first or you’d miss out on things like growth, desire, and the sheer thrill when you actually get it right.

And if you get scared, remember this — fear and joy are two sides of the same coin. Just flip it over.

Here's my BIG request:

I want to help you step in. I mean really step in. Before you can be a beacon of light and before your work can be shared with the masses, you have to do one final, bold step.....Sell the light.

Yup. You have to sell, invite, and beckon people to be so moved they want to exchange this energy called money for your work so that we can turn what's become greed into harmony. Do you know what good is possible if spiritual teachers were wealthy? Just sayin'...what kind of alchemy could that be?