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The 3 Self-Doubt Gremlins and an announcement



Today I’ll reveal the three biggest self-doubt gremlins - those negative voices in your head. Thank you all for reaching out about my last article. I’m excited that YOU’RE excited about this approach. It’s making it tough not to launch my journal course early, so thank you! 

To recap, in my last article I shared why letting go of self-doubt doesn’t work. Instead you have to practice bringing attention to the good stuff in your life like self-worth, acceptance, gratitude, and more. Your journal is the perfect place to do this. But what if the 3 self-doubt gremlins are getting in your way? Thanks to my recent survey and your feedback I’ve compiled the top three self-doubt gremlins. 

Gremlin #1 – Guilt

When you live with this gremlin, you feel guilty because the things you want for your life don’t fit just yet. You feel guilty asking for support and trusting that others will help you follow your dreams. You feel guilty because you want more for your life but don’t want to seem ungrateful. The antidote to the guilt gremlin is inner-strength. It takes strength and courage to stand up for yourself and what you want out of life. Week one of my new journal course is all about embracing inner-strength. 

Gremlin #2 – Avoidance

This gremlin makes you avoid your intuition, your gut, and what you know to be right for you because you think it’s not good enough, you can’t predict what will happen next, or you’re worried about what other people think. (See also Gremlin #3: Judgment) The antidote to the avoidance gremlin is trust and faith. Avoidance was the gremlin that got me because I couldn’t know for certain what would happen if I took that leap of faith. Week two of my new journal course is all about embracing trust and faith. 

Gremlin #3 - Judgment 

Having a judgement gremlin means you’re consumed with what other people think of you, or how you compare. You judge yourself because you don’t think you measure up to other people’s success. You’re afraid that others won’t approve of your choices. The antidote to the judgment gremlin is to be mindful and more present. If you’re present and tuned into your own needs and your intuition, then what others think is irrelevant. Week three of my new journal course is all about embracing mindfulness and being more present. 

It’s challenging, but you CAN fight the gremlins! And that brings me to my annoucement. In just a couple days I’m opening up enrollment on my newest journal course, Journal for Joy.

In Journal for Joy, you will spend 21 days with your journal exploring how amazing you are. In the process you will begin to let go of self-doubt. But you aren’t going to journal about those things. You’re going to journal about all the strength in your life.

Your journal is a great connector to the world of your mind. It’s your greatest resource for living a joyful life from a place of self-worth. If you were to journal for 10 minutes a day with some guidance and support for just 21 days you would see a big difference in your life. You would feel clear, validated, and prepared. More importantly, self-doubt would melt away as you embraced all the good stuff in your life. 

Your course opens up for registration this Wednesday, October 22nd at 9AM PDT. You only have until 9PM on Sunday to get signed up, and then registration closes for good. Update: Journal for Joy e-course is now open for registration! Enrollment is open until Sunday, October 26th at 9PM PDT. Register here!

Until then, I have a thank you gift for being here: 6 powerful reasons to keep a journal. You’ll find six more reasons in your journal course.

6 of the 12 Powerful Reasons to Keep a Journal

1. Remember

Use your journal to house memories and remember life's most important events, people, and changes. Your journal can be a fantastic record keeper.

2. Dream

Keep your most cherished dreams alive and vibrant by putting them onto paper. Stretch your imagination, set goals, and celebrate major accomplishments. 

3. Advise

You are your own personal advisor. You have a lot of great advice to grant yourself, and your journal is the perfect place to pull that advice out of you. Connect with your inner wise self, ask questions, and ponder life.

4. Affirmations

Keep an active gratitude journal and count your blessings. The act of writing down the things you're grateful for cements them in your life and present mind. It allows you to see more things to be grateful for.

5. Closure

Your journal is a safe space to get closure. Use your journal to close major chapters of your life, move forward, even say goodbye to a loved one. Say the things you never got to or don't feel comfortable saying out loud. Write it all down. 

6. Grieve

Loss takes time and your journal is the most patient companion when grieving. Write as a form of celebrating the person you are grieving.

Leave me a comment below telling me which of the 3 gremlins gets you the most, or which of my 6 powerful reasons to keep a journal you’re most excited about. See you Wednesday morning!

Update: Journal for Joy e-course is now open for registration! Enrollment is open until Sunday, October 26th at 9PM PDT. My next Journal for Joy course opens in January 2015. Sign up here to be notified!

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