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The 3 Illusions You Live By


three illusions of humanityThe love I have for my work comes from one thing - helping you to expand your perspective on your life so that change is not only plausible it's inspired. Are you inspired by your life? An inspired life is not euphoria in the sense that there are no problems or fears. Inspired living is one of present joy and self-introspection. Are you willing to lift the veil and really sit with your life?

Today I offer the 3 illusions of humanity that will help you see the veil you live behind. Unfortunately many of us don't only miss the illusions we live our life through them. What this means is you think they're real and then you manifest the very things you're trying to avoid.

"We gradually become a vehicle for connecting others with their unfettered mind, with their intrinsic goodness, so they, too, can begin to embrace the groundlessness of being human as a source of inspiration and joy." - Pema Chodron, Living Beautifully

Life is groundless. Meaning it's not as certain as we would like. This is nothing to fear! Yet you do. The 3 illusions I offer you today feed this.

For each illusion I offer a truth. I invite you to observe your life this week - where do you feed an illusion and can you let the truth in? Many people fight to keep the illusion alive. You might defend these 3 things because they've been told, taught, and modeled for you most of your life. They protect your ego. You have the ability to transcend them.

Illusion #1: Fear

What is fear? Fear is the anticipation of threat. Threat is the probability of death. When you fear something what you really fear is dying. At our most primitive level this is how we function and you are not conscious of it.

Survival is an unconscious action because thinking about survival simply takes too long. Our more evolved brain is just too slow for survival instincts which is why it’s a good thing our primitive brain takes care of that. Unfortunately this brain overrides everything else and it’s quite sensitive.

To learn more about the mechanics of threat read this article here.

How is fear an illusion? It’s an illusion because fear is a state of anticipation not actualization. It is something you ponder but don’t actually experience. When fear is realized because you find yourself in a situation where threat is present, you don’t fear it, you move through it. You flee, you fight, you hide, or you surrender – all of which you won’t have any control over.

The most common fears you live your life to avoid are scarcity of money, food, or shelter and the loss of loved ones or disconnection from your tribe or community. As you'll learn in a moment these are also illusions.

How many times have your worst fears come to life? Did you survive? Of course you did – because you’re reading this right now. Threat is not avoidable but it is nothing to fear. Either a threat is present or it is not.

The illusion: Fear

The truth: Assurance

Illusion #2: Scarcity

Scarcity is the illusion of not having enough. Also part of our survival brain – think lack or attack. You believe you don’t have enough of something or you think something is a threat to your survival.

On a less primitive level we are more evolved and understand there is enough of everything but do you really know this? If you’re afraid of having enough money, time, or resources then you are living through a scarcity mindset.

I will let you in on a BIG secret the most successful people live their life by – there is more than enough to go around. I am using the term successful to mean more than wealth. Success is abundance of joy, time, and love.

Scarcity on the surface is a fear of not having enough. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that scarcity is really a fear of not being worthy enough.

Poor self-worth permeates our culture. A feeling that you don’t have enough, aren’t good enough, aren’t smart enough, aren’t prepared enough are all factors of worthiness. You are worthy because you exist and do not need to do anything to prove your worth.

I guarantee you this – we have absolutely enough of anything you could possibly want or need. Biology does not make mistakes. Maybe at this very moment you don't have enough, this is not a truth that it doesn’t exist, it’s a truth that your mind won’t allow it to. Broke is a state of mind – not circumstance.

“All great spiritual masters are teaching what we’re talking about. They’re teaching forgiveness. They’re teaching kindness. They’re teaching love. They’re not teaching wanting. They’re not teaching greed.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

This is an abundant universe. Don’t ask, allow.

The illusion: Scarcity

The truth: Abundance

 Illusion #3: Separateness 

Separateness is the illusion that we are not connected and on our own. We are not meant to be alone. In fact you are hardwired for connection. It’s in your biology. It’s also in the matrix. Think of all that is, all that exists, that which you can see and that which you cannot see as being part of one ocean. Can you separate the ocean?

Everything you do affects the whole, including your thoughts. If you haven’t seen this I highly suggest taking a peek.

If by definition we are all connected then you are the other and the other is you. What you do, think, present, judge, critique, or love in another is what you think, present, judge, critique, and love in yourself.

“Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world.” ― Dr. Wayne Dyer

The illusion: Separateness

The truth: All are one

Which illusion has become the default lens for your life? Which truth are you inspired to try on?

In light and love,


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