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The #1 Ingredient Your Business Needs MORE Of


As we continue 

Conscious Living for Mindful Entrepreneurs Month

today I want to share what I believe is the #1 ingredient you need MORE of in your business. And I think it might surprise you a little. Ok, a lot.

Have you ever been told, "It's not personal, it's business" or, "Take your heart off the table"? Me too. I've even worked with mentors who insisted I keep my heart in a box when it came to my business.

It was always well-intended and yet I now think this advice is the most mis-used approach to helping you be a successful entrepreneur. I'll share a few myths in a moment that I believe are where these suggestions come from.

Does your work mean something to you? Does it mean something to the people you help? And does it mean something to your community? Then it's incredibly personal. Part of Conscious Living for Mindful Entrepreneurs is Conscious Commerce. We need more socially responsible businesses, yes, but this isn't what I'm referring to.

When I say Conscious Commerce I mean HEART-centric companies that provide solutions that come through their heart center. When you look at business through your Chakras then you'd see that your divine purpose and your ability to manifest it meet in the heart chakra - right in the center of your chest. Your most vulnerable and courageous place to act from.

What's the #1 ingredient your business needs MORE of? 


The whole purpose of life is to enjoy BEING here - not FEARing here.

And every entrepreneur I've coached was running their business with more fear than faith. Fear that the money would run out. Fear that the customers would leave. Fear that when one door closed another would not open.

Fear can not and will not ever produce an inspired business. It will create something you have to constantly hustle for. It makes you put your heart in the box and work for the bottom line rather than your highest possible purpose here on Earth - to share your vision and your gifts with the world.

When you work from love and with love you reach into people's lives and inspire them from within

I invite you to make your work one of the most personal things you do with your energy. Now - let me clear up some myths about making business a matter of the heart.

Myth #1: If I make business personal I'll be broke

Do you believe if you worked through your heart and not your head you'd be poor? Do you believe you'd end up giving your services away for free or try and make everyone happy costing you? I used to believe this too. There is no higher purpose than to serve from your heart. Giving your work away for free isn't a heart-decision, it's a poor self-worth decision. Your highest self knows how worthy you are. Your heart will show you the way. Abundance isn't an act of power - it's an act of your higher self connecting with the world through your purpose. True abundance doesn't always come with a dollar sign attached.

Myth #2: If I make business personal I'll be open to criticism 

I discovered something magical about using love as my anchor - there is no higher vibration than love. When you vibrate with love your work matches that vibration. This means lower vibrations like fear, anger, or ridicule won't reach you. Any criticism you receive isn't because your heart's in it - it's because you have something unresolved within yourself that has called this critique forward for you to let go of. And the only way to let it go is to listen to your heart. 

Myth #3: If I make business personal I'll make poor decisions 

Leading with love doesn't make you vulnerable to poor decisions - self-doubt does. Self-doubt is the only thing that can cause you to stumble over your business decisions and self-doubt is born out of fear, not love. When you lead with your heart you make the most rooted decisions and they are the only ones that will manifest the return on investment you seek.

If these are the myths of working with heart and love, what are the truths?

Truth - Working with heart will squash fear, doubt, and confusion

Truth - Working with love will plant authentic roots and call in abundance in ALL areas of your life

Truth - Working with heart ensures you are creating for connection and to serve

Truth - Working with love will build a business of the highest self 

Truth - Working with heart means working with faith, belief, and trust in your path

In light and love,



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