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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you
Thank you

What makes gratitude so great? I think it's that in gratitude there can't be fear. I know for me that when I am expressing gratitude and feeling grateful all the things that cause me worry get really quiet. Even if just for that moment. I am reading a book that has been sitting on my shelf since 2011. It's titled, "The Soul of Money" and the author, Lynne Twist, has put on paper the most magnificent perspective on having enough. I highly recommend you read it.

Although this is a book about our relationship to money it's more a book about gratitude. She says that in our search for 'worth' we tend to find ourselves in the land of 'want'. But what if, she supposes, we are enough already?

Gratitude is the way to enough and sufficiency.

The moral of her book is such beautiful timing for me. As I come to the close of 2015 and the year that I coined the year of 'Faith' I can't help but be grateful for what's unfolded. This year I took many leaps of faith in my work and in my life. The greatest leap of them all was a surrender of sorts.

We can't know what's ahead of us. Yes, we can plan, and we can make pretty good guesses about what's to come. But really, we have no clue! If you had told me one year ago that in the months up ahead I would coach more than 30 people, host a life-changing retreat, partner with a coaching company, and 'come out' as a spiritual leader I would have give you a face that looked like, 'That's ridiculous!'

And yet..this is what my year had in store for me. 

And while I do spend part of my time setting goals and dreaming up the future I am also in this place of doing what brings me joy everyday. Feeling like I have enough and am doing enough is bringing me so much immediate joy. And it's from that place of joy that more of it can unfold.

Of course there are days when things just don't go as planned. But isn't that the whole point? Most of all, I am grateful that this year has taught me what it means to show up and let go.

I've made a commitment to doing this work and to find that place of resonance in me that feels so good I know I am on the right track. And then I let go of how it shows up. I am learning that the most incredible experiences are birthed from that place.

What would happen if you let go? What is ready to come through your life?

Thank you for being here, for reading, and for following your own journey! Happy Thanks-giving.

Much love, Andrea