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5 Traits of the BEST healers

5 traits of the best healersIt's taken me until now, 30 years, to muster up the confidence to declare that I work as a healer. There are many healers in the world today. Hundreds of thousands if not more. 'Healer' is a pretty broad term so here is how I'm using it - someone who helps someone be whole again.  Healers come in all different forms. Doctors, holistic practitioners, therapists, coaches, mediums, massage therapists, and everything in between. If you've ever been sick, depressed, in pain, unwell, or unfulfilled chances are you sought out someone to help you return to a feeling of wholeness. 

Whether you were give a prescription or encouraged to meditate you sought out a path to help you heal a part of your life. This is what I do - I help people return to being whole.

For today's post I'm referring to healers in my industry - Coaching, therapy, energy workers, and intuitive or spiritual guides. When someone chooses to work with me I know they've tried more physical means for healing their stress and anxiety symptoms and are ready to do inner-work. I heal your inner-world. Actually, you do the work but I'm there to guide the entire process.

If you're thinking about choosing to work with someone like me this list will help you when selecting a healer. This is an important decision and not something I would take lightly. It's important that you trust this person because they're there to hold you at your most vulnerable and ultimately help you change your life.

These traits are from personal experience, interviewing my clients, and being part of this industry.

5 Traits of the BEST Healers

#1 - Someone who scares you a little

Didn't expect this did you? I don't mean scares you in a scary way but in a, "I'm nervous for what comes next but I know I'm meant to work with you and do this work.." kind of way. Inner-work isn't as straight forward as physical work. It's more than showing up for an appointment. It means doing the work in your sessions and between. It means having a new intention to heal your life with daily action. This is scary but your healer should be able to hold this space for you.

#2 - Someone who gives short, clear description 

Do they try and convince you of their expertise with fancy jargon? Really, it isn't necessary. Are they clear and concise with their feedback and instructions for you? Do they seem confident in their approach without having to overly prove it? I find that the best healers come from their heart and it shows. They aren't in their head having to show off their skills. And you can tell.

#3 - Someone who loves teaching fundamentals

When the book, "The Secret" was published a new wave of "Law of Attraction" coaching was born. This is one example that there will always be a new trend but does your healer work with fundamental principles? And can they share them with you? Fundamentals don't change. The science gets deeper and we know more today than before which can change how healers work. However are they riding a wave or improving their skills?

#4 - Someone who has shown grit

I like to think of grit as someone with compassion because they can relate. Have they been there? What drew them to being a healer? Why do they feel compelled to do this work? Can they empathize with your experience? Ask them to share a bit of their story.

#5 - Someone who is happy

They don't have to have it all figured out (I still get anxiety attacks if I'm not present). But do they seem happy? We are all works in progress but are they happy? Do they seem mindful and aware of how their experiences have changed them? What lessons do they bring fourth? The most authentic healers are pretty obvious. I can be in line with one at a coffee shop and know without asking they do healing work. You want to be taken care of by someone who takes care of themselves.

There you have the 5 traits of the BEST healers. What has helped you in selecting someone to guide you? Leave me a comment below! In light and love, Andrea

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