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25 Ways to Find More Time to Journal

25 ways to find more time to journalToday's post is a gift from Angee of Sheic JournalsWhen doing research for my course, Journal for Joy, I surveyed my readers and found that more than 60% of you don't journal because you don't have time. Angee found similar results when she surveyed her readers too. I understand the dilemma. Your day is packed enough as it is, how are you supposed to carve out quiet time for journal writing too? So when Angee created this e-book I was thrilled! Angee founded the journal line Sheic Journals and writes tips to help you use your journal. (I love this journal here) She created this e-book, 25 Ways to Find More Time to Journal and is offering it to my readers as well! Just enter your name and email below and it'll drop in your email. Trust me, you want this! In love and light, Andrea

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