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What does it mean to 'Stop Pushing'?
beach walk
beach walk

As I mentioned above I spent the first four days of October in my most favorite place - the Oregon Coast. Specifically Manzanita. A tiny town just off Hwy 101. If you don't see the small flashing red light when the highway bends you'll miss the town. But it's there and it's simplicity is such an invitation to me to slow down and breath.

I took a huge leap of faith - I rented a (very large) home right on the ocean (well, not on, but pretty close!) and invited 10 conscious leaders and service providers to join me. This was officially my first retreat.

I called it my experiment. An experiment in what would happen if I brought together a group of people all asking this question - How do I serve my purpose and get out of the way?

The answer to this experiment was...magic happens.

Now I get that this is a bold statement but I don't have many more words to describe what happened. I didn't have a schedule or an agenda. I left room for awesome food (Thank you Lionfish Supper Club) and of course space to walk the beach and hike Neahkahnie Mountain.

I did the most uncomfortable thing I've ever done with a group - I left space for the event to create itself. Thus began the theme of the weekend to stop pushing.

Here's my understanding of what this means (and it's still flushing itself out):

Show up. Just show up. Don't try and prove anything or push an agenda. Be open to what's already available to you.

Let it be easy. I, like many, am a professional at making things far harder than they need to be. It's so easy to 'add more value' a.k.a. try and do too much.

Do the thing that feels the best. This could be giving yourself permission to go the direction you actually want. This could also simply be doing the thing that actually feeds your soul. This weekend fed my soul BIG time. As I told my coach (who attended!!) "This is my jam...I could do this all day long.' What's your jam?

Get out of your own way. I am also a professional at getting IN my own way. You know, doing my work through my doubts or listening to my intuition and then doing the opposite. I know we all get in our own way - it's inevitable AND again, what if you let it be easy?

Mostly what this weekend taught me was that I don't have to try and be something. Yes, I enjoy learning and growing and carving out space to improve my work. I encourage you to do the same. An artist doesn't stop with finger painting. They get curious and pick up a brush and keep learning.

But here's what I think the difference is, you can improve your practice without trying to 'be more' or 'do more'.

I also just finished 'The War of Art' and 'Turning Pro' by Steven Pressfield. What an awesome follow up to the weekend.

He so clearly showed me that as an 'artist answering her calling' it's so easy to take ownership of that art and try and make it perfect before sharing it with the world. But it isn't yours to own. He says that we employ our gifts for the sake of sharing them with others.

I am still wrapping my head around this. If you read his books please reach out so we can talk about them!

In closing, what I watched transpire over these 4-days were 10 people AWARE that they have something to gift the world and wanting to do it in a way that serves all involved.

No easy feat but I am so grateful they showed up. Because we all benefit from people tuning in. Don't you think?

In light, love, joy, and success, Andrea

How do you 'uplevel' and not fall down?

What does it mean to 'uplevel'? Yes, I'm aware that it's technically not word. But let's go with it. First, a short story. It's been a very interesting, inspiring, and challenging 2 months around here. I completed a program that radically changed how I do my work, I deliberately stopped marketing online, and I've re-connected with my community and started a whole new one.

It's been a challenge because I had to do something I rarely do...set boundaries! Eek! I define a boundary as that congruent place in you that meets the world. The part of you that knows, "This is who I am." <--period.

My boundaries are made up of my values, my worth, and the direction I'm going.

As soon as I decided to stand still and own my worth and my work my boundaries got pushed in ways I couldn't have prepared for. I'm still deciphering why this happens but in fairness I was warned by one of my teachers and mentors.

When you decide to 'uplevel' your life and work by playing big, going for it, owning your worth, and doing what few believe is possible unfortunately the backlash can look like this:

  • Friends bring their doubt parade to your front door
  • Colleagues warn you you're going to crash and burn
  • Your inner-gremlins throw one hell of a party on behalf of 'staying small'.

I share this with you because A) I think you are a world-changer here to do purposeful and powerful work for the benefit of others. B) You want to become the 'absolute grandest version of your best life' as my mentor Dax Moy likes to say.

What's worse is when we let the doubt and naysayers creep in. They feed on our worst fears. At least they did for me.

And it wasn't the people themselves but the fact that if a boundary being pushed made me sad, angry, frustrated and so on I knew this - there was something in their words and actions I had yet to reconcile with myself. In other words a part of me in there somewhere believed them! Bleh.

So, what can you do? How do you be BOLD in spite of your boundaries getting pushed, big time? I asked my Women's Mastermind group this question a couple weeks back. Here's what they shared with me and I LOVED it...

Dive in anyways.

Yup. They told me to dive in anyways. My dear friend Jennifer Alyse even said, "I think the thing that scares you also inspires you. It's that rush of diving off the high-board. It's terrifying and the thrill on the way down is ah-inspiring at the same time." (Thank you Jennifer!)

I took this to mean that the boundary pushing and the part of me that was starting to believe the naysayers was really just afraid of the ride.

Because I can say this with certainty (which I can't say of many things) - the thing you're meant to do, the great calling you need to answer, that piece of your soul that is looking for it's path here on is going to get it's butt kicked. Sorry, but it is! Because this path means more.

How do you uplevel? By upleveling and diving in. So I dove in! And you know what? It isn't as scary as I imagined. It actually feels like home.

Andrea Leda coaching
Andrea Leda coaching

I've officially ordered and enjoyed my first pumpkin latte of the season and I have the sniffles. This is my sign for it being Fall. I haven't spent much time writing lately. I must admit...I really miss it! There was a time when I could 'crank out' article after article. I liked them. I still like them. And I am ready to try something a little different. I don't think you need more information or ideas or 'to do' steps. So I am going to stop giving them to you.

Remember when I wrote this post about the things I think we're all after in our lives? After I wrote this I took a big intentional break from writing. If you and I both want to be seen, to be bold, to give ourselves permission, to play feel fulfilled what will actually help us do this?

I didn't just stop writing. I stopped posting on social media. I stopped using emails to sell products. And I did something that seems to be pretty radical....I started talking to people. I started mailing cards expressing gratitude and saying thanks. I started sharing my favorite books. I attended big events and small events right in my living room.

Since writing that post I've had over 85 conversations. And each one made me feel connected, alive, and right where I was supposed to be. These connections aren't slowing down either.

So it made me ask this question - Is it possible to create for my blog and for my readers what I'm seeing come through in these conversations?

I think the answer is yes...but it has not look a lot different.

I can't talk at you.

I can't regurgitate what I'm learning or have learned.

I can't assume you need help.

I can...share my stories.

I can ...invite you into this greater conversation.

I can....write from my heart.

I can ask you the very things I've asked these awesome 85 people who I've seen over Skype, heard their voice, shared coffee with, and walked through Portland with.

Because I don't actually take space in my life for 'to do' steps or 'how to do happiness' tips. I think the grandest version of your greatest self isn't something 'out there' you can achieve. It's most definitely something 'in here' or in you that you can love through being the life you desire.

Today I leave you with this quote from Michael Beckwith -

"We are luminous, energetic beings of creative intelligence, fully equipped to consciously participate in the evolutionary impulse of the universe and become fully self-realized."

Um...yes please!

Much love and success,


Gut check.
gut check by andrea leda
gut check by andrea leda

Why hello there. It's been a little bit since I've poured my thoughts onto this canvas here. Truth: I've been journaling, traveling, and having the best conversations because I needed a little soul love. Well, I'm back. And things are going to be a bit different from here on out. I love coming full circle. It happens to me a lot actually. Do you ever find that the thing you loved and moved away from (ie. work, hobbies, style, books, topics, etc.) you inevitably find a way to bring back into your life? Well I do this. A lot.

Let's call it a 'gut check.' It's that moment when you say to yourself, or awkwardly out loud, "Oh. I get it now." And that moment is a bit of a relief because I can finally surrender my hard search for what was within me all along. Doh.

And still I LOVE this because when the circle connects again and I return 'home' in my life I come back to myself with tons of experience, more wisdom, beautiful people, and belief in what's possible.

I've had a whirlwind of a year. Ever have those? But really, it's been a whirlwind of six years. You see, six years ago I turned down graduate school for the second time and decided to leave a blank path of possibility in my future. Good idea? I'm not sure.

School was my safety net. It was my path to career and worth. It was where someone else was going to tell me what I was meant to do and how. I turned it down gut told me to.

Fast forward six years. I won't bore you with the details so here's a fun summary - there have been 5 business's, 3 not so successful, 2 incredibly successful, many blogs, many more blog posts, hundreds of books, and thousands of journal pages all in an attempt to answer these questions: Why am I here? What am I meant to do?

Have you ever asked these? Have you ever answered them?! If you have, tell me what you've discovered!

Well it's taken me 2,190 days to come up with this - I'm meant to listen and connect to people. 

Were you expecting more? Me too, which is why it's taken me so long to trust my gut that this is simply who I am!

Now I'm hungry to just do the work. Yes, just do the work. Because it's so simple.

What are you hungry for? What is calling to you? What is asking more of you than you know how to be? Where are you ready to expand? 

For me it's inviting motivated, driven, and visionary women entrepreneurs to work with me. Why? Because (and I think you'll agree with me):

  • You're answering your calling
  • You have a greater WHY than yourself
  • You have a vision, mission, and message to impart in the world
  • You are driven and inspired
  • You want to achieve mastery and significance

I could keep going. It came down to this - you are going to show up, do the work, and get out of your own way. For this I thank you. The world needs you. You still have hope that making a difference is a viable way to spend your time and energy. Me too.

I recently read through this list: 100 Women in Wellness to Watch

As I read through I realized these women are on this list because they are DARING to BE, DO, and REACH something greater than themselves. Doesn't this inspire you? Maybe one of these women is you! Or will be. Or you want it to be.

"At any given moment, you have the power to say: This is not how the story is going to end."

- Christine Mason Miller

IF you do THEN I want to be the woman in your corner supporting you in making this possible. No one breaks barriers or re-writes her-story alone. It requires connection, conversation, validation, being challenged, accountability, inspiration, and good ol' fashioned love from someone who believes in YOU.

Don't spend six years as I did. Take a gut check. Then dive in. Because deciding to take the world by storm is Step 0. Step 1? Take action. 

Trust your gut,