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How to win the lottery. A spiritual approach.

Did I just say, '...a spiritual approach' in my headline? Yes, yes I did. And today I'm going to let you into a part of my work I rarely speak on...the spirituality of money and why I think the current Powerball stakes are a beautiful example of this - to win the lottery. 

I already had the intention to write about the lottery when my dear friend, and founder of New 72 Media, Kelli Lair posted this...

"Join me in prayer and intention to surround all of the energies that are going into this Powerball:

May those who win be divinely guided to make a profound impact in this world. May they be a shepherd to provide food for those that have none, a roof over those that are touched by rain, and aid in finding "home" for those that are displaced. May all contributions to philanthropic organizations be made, with the due diligence done along side to be certain those selected stand in truth and integrity for what it is the claim to do. May their efforts soften the hearts of others so that greed no longer exists and is replaced by compassion. May their actions be the catalyst for a deeper understanding that we are all ONE and worthy of unconditional love and acceptance just as we are And so it is..."

What would you do if you won? Would could you do? You would be ranked, overnight, within the top 300 wealthiest people in the world. You would have more income to your name than 7 billion people.

Would you move to a beach? Would you buy the beach? Perhaps you'd donate a large sum or create a foundation. Here's the thing - I actually want you to win. Here's why:

Now this is biased. This is extremely biased and it is always assuming there is a 'better' option to how you utilize the money. But I see a blessing and I see how powerfully it could change the world.

How you could change the world. But first, you have to love money. 

Did that cause some knots in your gut? It's ok. It's taken me years of work to accept financial worth for my work. Or receive abundance for what feels like a natural gift. And it's a daily practice of open receiving.

However, money is neutral energy. It is at the whim of you and your intentions. It bears the weight of your feelings toward it and is, like all energy, malleable to your choices and beliefs.

Here is what I believe about money...

  • It is the most easily accepted tool to propel change and healing in the world today.
  • It flows easily and freely
  • It is my measurement for service
  • It has no weight on my inherent value or worthiness
  • It can do good.
  • It is an expression of my highest good reaching more people
  • It isn't real.

Read that last point again. It isn't real. But we treat it with life and death. We condemn people who have 'too much' of it. We condemn ourselves for barely surviving because we lack it.

So where do you draw the line? What is enough and what is too much? 

What do we hope to gain by having it? What are we afraid we'll lose because of it? How do we allow it to define us? Does it define us? isn't real. And yet it is the realest thing we vie for every day.

Now I can't say 'we' and assume 100% of the people on the planet today ask these questions.

There are still societies that don't use or have a word for money. There are people who have renounced all worldly possessions, money being one of them. There are people who have tons of money and are happily giving it all away.


There are people who have spent their life's savings in search of joy. There are people who are in insurmountable debt. There are people who have to choose between feeding their children and paying rent.

So we can't sit back and say money has no bearing on life on Earth. I assure you, it does. And we can't sit back and say it will end hunger and heal the sick because it isn't. 

As I pointed out to my father recently in a heated (a.k.a. passionate) discussion about the fate of the world -  He asked, 'How come if we can feed all the people on the planet today, we don't?'

To which I replied, "Because we don't have a resource problem or a technology problem. We have a heart problem."

There is more money on the planet today than any time in the history of the world. Trillions, actually. But there are people starving. There are people killing people. There are forests being cut down. There are animals becoming extinct.

Why? Because money isn't real. Money can't do anything without intention. 

You + Money + Service + Detachment = Change.

Even the Dalai Lama receives millions every year through donation and contribution funding his ability to travel and teach with ease.

Why can't we just trade on energy, joy, and love?

Because...we live in a physical dimension. Otherwise, we'd all just be non-local consciousness. We wouldn't even be floating around because 'floating around' would assume we were inside of something which assumes space and time exist. We would just be impressions of energy without form.

But we do live in a physical dimension. You can think thoughts. You can smell flowers. You can feel water. You can eat chocolate. You can feel joy and pain. You have bones that can break and tears that you cry. And you can receive and give money. 

My point is this - money is part of our tangible place. And it is exactly what you make of it.

What if you allowed money in? See a penny on the ground? Free money! What if you gave money with joy? What if you spent money with joy? What if you owned the power that can come from this resource? What if you let it be good?

As promised, here is my spiritual approach to winning the lottery. Now this is a bit unorthodox. And it won't work for everyone because it is incredibly difficult to practice.

  1. Believe money can come to you easily and freely.
  2. Believe you deserve it.
  3. Wish with total love that ALL people deserve to win the lottery. Assume we all won and feel the resonance of total love in that moment.
  4. Let go of any feeling of resistance to money in all forms. *See note about resistance below.
  5. Repeat. (Oh, and buy a lottery ticket!)

A note about resistance: resistance is a feeling of stuckness or disagreeances in your being and body. I want you to think about money. All the times you were broke, all the times you felt ok and had plenty. And everything in between. Feel those sensations arise? This is resistance. Now think about something you are 100% neutral on like a blade of green grass. See the vibrancy of the grass and how it sways in the wind. No resistance, right? Be in this state while thinking about money.

*These are 100% my personal beliefs. If you don't win the lottery with this practice I can not be held responsible :)