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How to use essential oils for stress relief

How to use essential oils for stress reliefToday is a real treat! A very good friend is here to talk all about essential oils and how to use them for stress & anxiety. I had no idea essential oils were such an incredible tool and I can't wait for you to learn about them too! Enjoy. 

I have always enjoyed essential oils.  They smell great and are fun to add to an Epsom salt bath, or your favorite lotion.  Until recently, though, I never knew all the uses for oils in my daily living.  Recently, I have discovered that essential oils can be used for anything from personal cosmetic use to cleaning your house! 

Today, I want to focus on one use that has made a big difference for me- using my essential oil collection to help relieve stress and anxiety.

Before I get into some of my favorite combinations for stress & anxiety, I want to talk a bit about selecting your oils.  This is so important!  There are many brands available, and the quality varies greatly.

I use all Young Living Oils because I think they are the best.  When I first started using essential oils, I did a lot of research to select the brand that I wanted to use.  I chose Young Living because of their oil quality and because of their “Seed to Seal” Commitment.

Young Living oils go through a five step process before ending up in my hands, including very rigorous quality control.  I know I am getting a pure, quality product.

So how do you use essential oils and how do they work?  Essential oils can enter our body a few different ways.  You can diffuse them, apply them topically to your skin or ingest them.

The oils are made up of minute molecules that are very easily absorbed.  When diffusing oils, you can purchase a diffuser which works by creating a fine mist of water & essential oils that is released into your air.  Diffusers are a great way to use your oils and can make your house smell amazing!

If you want to apply them topically, many oils can be applied directly to your skin.  (note: read your labels to ensure safety! If you have sensitive skin, always use a carrier oil) Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and is very permeable.  When you apply oils to your skin they are absorbed just like other products you put on your body.

Some oils can also be ingested.  For example, I start off every day by adding lemon essential oil to my water.  Other oils can be added to food or drink, or even taken by putting a few drops in a gel cap.  Again, read all labels to make sure that your oils are safe for ingestion!

On to the good stuff!  How can you use essential oils for dealing with stress and anxiety and what are some of my personal favorites?


If you choose to use essential oils, lavender is a must!  Many of my friends call this oil the “swiss army knife of oils” because it has so many uses.  This is also a great oil for stress & anxiety- lavender is an adaptogen, and can assist the body when it is adapting to stress or imbalances. If you are stressed and are having trouble sleeping, lavender is a great oil for you.  You can apply a couple drops of lavender (add cedarwood for even more benefit!) to the soles of your feet before you go to bed.  This can help with a deeper, more relaxed sleep.  Lavender is also a great one to diffuse to help with overall calm.

Peace & Calming

This is my favorite Young Living blend!  I love this oil.  This is another oil you can put on your feet before bed to help with sleep.  It’s also great to put on the back of your neck for a soothing and calming effect.  This is one of my favorites to diffuse.  It makes the house smell wonderful!


Orange essential oil is an uplifting oil.  It lifts your mood while providing an overall calm.  Orange can be a great oil to add to use to enhance food or drinks- this is another one I like to add to my water.


This Young Living blend is another one of my must-haves.  It is a combination several different oils and smells amazing.  You can add a drop to your wrist or over your heart to help improve mood and is great in your diffuser.

There are many more oils that are great for stress and anxiety- these are just a few of my top picks.  Visit Young Living for more information about essential oils and join my Facebook group.  Young Living is a great resource for more oil info, and the Facebook provides a forum for asking questions and sharing your oily ideas and uses!  You can also purchase your oils here.

Be well!


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