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4 Ways to Shift into Happiness

4 ways to shift into happinessThere are two things people are seeking when they come to me. After doing this work now for more than 5 years and having spent over 400 hours in session with people I can confidently say you're looking for happiness or fulfillment. Today I'll share 4 ways to shift into happiness

Happiness and fulfillment are similar although when you seek happiness what you're really seeking is a release and a sense of completeness at the same time. What you really want is to let go of anything keeping you from happiness and you want to bring any remaining closure to your life so you can enjoy the happiness you seek.

When you seek fulfillment what you're really seeking is wholeness. You wish to call back into your life the things you've let go astray and you want to send things out of your life that are keeping you from wholeness like stories, habits, or behaviors that no longer suit you. Next week I'll share 4 Ways to Feel Fulfilled. 

Before we dive into my 4 ways to shift into happiness I have to share this - happiness is not circumstantial. 

If happiness were circumstantial then the happiness you experienced because of your most recent accomplishment wouldn't have faded.

If happiness were circumstantial then the happiness you experienced because of your new relationship wouldn't have faded.

If happiness were circumstantial then the happiness you experienced because of your new house or new car wouldn't have faded.

If happiness were circumstantial then the happiness you experienced because of your most recent vacation wouldn't have faded.

These are examples of circumstantial happiness - happiness that is experienced because of some external thing. A new goal, a new relationship, a new material thing, or a new place.

So then, what is happiness?

Happiness is a byproduct of your beliefs and is within you right now

The good news (actually, great news!) is that IF happiness is a byproduct of your beliefs AND is inside of you THEN you can be happy right now in this very moment no matter what!

Given this truth let's explore my 4 Ways to Shift into Happiness.

#1 - Say Thanks

Spoken or written gratitude is the easiest and most efficient way to shift into happiness. Stop reading and write down 5 things you're grateful for right now. Remember my Ultimate Gratitude List? If you can't find anything to be grateful for look at my ultimate gratitude list for some inspiration.

#2 - Tune in

Chances are if you're reading this then you're in a safe enough space to do so. Tune into your present moment. What do you see? How do you feel? A worry is a future fear and a grief is a past. What of right now?

#3 - Look for Bright Spots

As my friend and women's business coach extraordinaire, Mary Ann McNulty, teaches - look for bright spots. We are hardwired to look for possible threats in your environment. Everything from an oncoming car to your ex showing up at your favorite coffee shop. What of the bright spots? The things in your life that are going really well? Search for these and write them down. Stop reading and write down 5-10 bright spots in your life.

#4 - Release 

Releasing is a powerful and simple technique to help you release your grip on your attachment to any emotional state. Any immediate reaction to something, like anger or resentment, will only last 1-2 minutes. The future of that emotion is dependent on your attachment to it. An emotion only survives in the future if you fuel it and keep it alive.

What if you let it go? It doesn't mean you have to let go of the hurt you were caused. It means you release the emotion from having such a strong hold on you.

If you have any of these strong emotions - apathy, grief, fear, anger, or pride - and you can't seem to let them go or the emotion is hindering your happiness please book a Power Chat. It's my gift to you and we can release the emotion and heal from the story in less than an hour.

Something you'll notice about each idea above is they're each a practice. Happiness is a daily practice. Slowly, over time, this practice starts to radically shift how you see and experience your world. You won't always have to put so much intention into this. One day happiness will be your default. Just like that.

In light and love,

AndreaPower Chat button

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